The Ghomeshi bombshells explained

The lead Crown attorney prosecuting Jian Ghomeshi is Michael Callaghan.

In my 14 years as a lawyer, I’ve never worked with another lawyer as compassionate and just.

Callaghan understands the role of a prosecutor excludes any notion of winning or losing and he must perform his duty with an ingrained sense of the dignity and the seriousness a criminal trial deserves.

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Did the crown and police fail to thoroughly interrogate the complainant’s due to political correctness?

  • BillyHW

    Women are nuts. Admit it.

  • As it turns out, the day after DeCoutere testified she was choked, she e-mailed Ghomeshi: “You kicked my ass last night and that makes me want to f— your brains out. Tonight.”

    He’s gonna walk. I’m sure he’s guilty as hell, but if I were on that jury I’d acquit. Meanwhile the unhinged, lying dipshit in question has fans all over her twitter feed telling her how brave and wonderful she is.

    (Please tell me she isn’t actually 45, by the way. Unless she spends all her time lying in a tanning bed chain-smoking…)

    SMOD can’t come soon enough.

    • Javelina Harker

      This whole thing is making the veins come out in my forehead.

      Like you, I think he’s guilty as hell. Also like you, I think he’ll basically walk because some of his victims went back for seconds, and the courts really do not care why.

      Where is the “teach victims to pursue timely and appropriate legal paper trail for abuse and not just rally Twitter after the fact” movement? Oh, I forgot. That’s the rape culture victim blaming movement.


      • Justin St.Denis

        Many among us share your pain….

        • Javelina Harker

          It’s Bizarro, Justin.

          In the Twittersphere, when this first broke, I was one of those advocating for reserving judgment until more evidence. I don’t “Listen and Believe” just because a vagina was involved. I want proof, and I won’t be silent while judgment is passed on accusation alone — because it is too easy to ruin lives on lies.

          Not because I’m a fan (I’m not) but because of principles of innocence. For everyone.

          Now, so much has come out I’m (personally) inclined toward guilt — but neither my feelings nor those who blindly white knighted when it broke matter. What matters is that which can be proven — and it’s like the sphere of social opinion has superseded the actual laws and processes that could levy real justice.

          There are no heroes here.

    • Xavier

      At this point these women have committed a crime;
      at this point, Ghomeshi has not.

    • Justin St.Denis

      (Please tell me she isn’t actually 45, by the way. Unless she spends all her time lying in a tanning bed chain-smoking…)

      That line cost me a VERY large mouthful of extremely expensive scotch! 😉

      But consider. Perhaps she is the illegitimate spawn of Keith Richards and an Apple Doll. Stranger things have happened……

    • k1992

      Actually, it was his lawyer who kicked her ass (something she seemingly finds stimulating) so maybe she should have sent that tweet her instead. I wonder if she’s blown her chance at further sexual encounters with the roguishly handsome, intelligent, cultured and sophisticated Mr Ghomeshi ….

  • ntt1

    there seems to be a move to create a special status for complaining women, in that their word is taken at face value without exception. then a push to ignore all extenuating circumstances and narrowly focus on the complaint only as a separate disparate item. not as a result of the whole situation. Ghomeshi will walk and as shitty as that may be it is preferable to creating unequal status based on gender under the law.

  • Rick

    Well O met a girl at the Rainbow Bar
    She asked me if I’d beat her
    And she took me back to the Hyatt house
    I don’t want to talk about it
    Warren Zevon
    Nuts? Put it this way; some of them are not a credit to their gender.

  • Brenda

    COuld Lucy be the disgruntled anonymous ex-girlfriend whose accusations started the whole Ghomeshi snowball rolling?

  • BillyHW

    How anyone can follow this trial and still believe women should be allowed to vote boggles my mind.

  • Blind Druid

    I’ve known several women who, I believe, unconsciously, seek out men who will abuse them. These nasty men have certain pheromones that these wannabe female victims home in on. It’s an amazing thing to observe, and I’ve comforted a few beaten victims as a result. So let’s extend the scenario, lots of the time, drugs are involved, and addiction, not only to the abuse, but also to the blow, fuels the mechanism driving the pimping trade. Too much truth here?