Most Canadians disagree with PM Useful Idiot’s plan to withdraw CF-18s, poll suggests

A new poll suggests that majority of Canadians disagree with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pledge to withdraw Canada’s CF-18 fighter jets by the end of March from the U.S.-led bombing mission against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria.

When asked what Canada’s role should be in the fight against ISIS, only 27 per cent told the Angus Reid Institute that they were on the same page as Trudeau in wanting to stop Canada’s bombing mission and focus only on training local troops in Iraq and Syria.

  • Scotch_Pine

    It’s not Canada’s reputation they were worried about when Luminous Equus was unfriended at the Anti-ISIS Get To Know Your Ally meeting in Paris back in January. Harjits’s reply was, “Meetings happen all the time”, trying to minimize the negative stigma from the coalitions’ rebuff of Trudeau. He doesn’t care anyway, because the promise was made during the election to bring the canadian muslim vote onside, and to ride the media anti-conservative wave by turning up the contrast between himself and Harper. That’s all history now, and Justin believes the best way to end the conflict is to import a large segment of the population of Syria, ISIS supporters included. Winning, one winter jacket at a time.

  • mauser 98

    …what difference does it make?… stupid polls
    Boy Blunder and Big Dyke would still win an election if held today

  • Ron MacDonald

    What Stupid’s progressive handlers want, his progressive handlers get.

  • DD_Austin

    Actually withdrawing them is the right thing for this government to do
    Just “bombing” is stupid and a waste of bomb stocks, Nobody is
    really “fighting” ISIS, if anyone* was ISIS would be wiped out in less
    than a year

    * anyone compentant, we don’t have anyone compentant, nobody has
    anyone competant expect Russia and Hungary, and one of them is a enemy
    and the other is too weak

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I don’t see Russia as an enemy.

      • DD_Austin

        Actually Neithier do I,
        Nato does though

        Of course Nato props up gulf muslim countries
        and sets up muslim balkan countries

        I’d rather ally Russia and dump NATO