Court to issue verdict in trial of 4 Coptic Christians charged with contempt of religion

The Bani Mazar Court will deliver the verdict in the trial of four Coptic Christian students charged with contempt of religion on 25 February.

In April of 2015, the four students filmed a play lampooning Islamic extremists after 20 Egyptian Copts were killed in Libya in February 2015. The play included a scene in which the actors performed an Islamic prayer.

The video was disseminated widely online, causing a minor agitation in the village of Bani Mazar. Following the uproar, the Coptic Church intervened and apologised on behalf of the students; nevertheless, the students were referred to the prosecution in May and were held on remand for 90 days.

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      • BillyHW

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          AlDossary Ahmad A • 5 days ago
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          Black__Mamba AlDossary Ahmad A • 3 days ago
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          • tom_billesley

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        • mobuyus

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      • Shebel

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  • Martin B

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  • tom_billesley

    Hamas commander executed today over unnamed “moral and behavioral violations.”

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  • pdxnag

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