Belgium: Muslim threatens to burn down supermarket for selling Charlie Hebdo


Police in Bruges have detained a man after he issued threats at a local supermarket. The 36-year-old Tunisian involved is said to have become “radicalised” in the tourist Mecca (that’s an interesting way to put it – ed).

The suspect was upset because the supermarket in the district of Assebroek continued to stock the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo that was the target of an attack by Muslim extremists in January last year.

Last week the Tunisian caused problems at a Bruges supermarket when he glorified the attacks and shouted at the cashier threatening to set the supermarket alight.

Islam is incompatible with freedom.

  • Alain

    A Muslim acting like a Muslim; no surprise.

    • Muslim men are not taught self-control and violence is explicitly encouraged in that culture. This guy did what was honourable according to his lights. Muslims believe that real men should react violently to anything perceived as an insult. Only weak and low-status men do not. Only a bad Muslim would fail to defend the “honour” of Islam. If you ever say to a Muslim “look, nobody likes feeling disrespected, but you have to grow up and understand that feeling bad doesn’t give you the right to hurt people”, the response is always “it is as if you called my mother a whore!” (By the way, I now suffer from a strong urge to insult the Pope’s mother. I never used to. )

      Muslims often come across as hysterics. Watch a debate with a Muslim who isn’t very westernized (as contrasted with, say, the exquisitely reptilian Tariq Ramadan, who you can actually see swallowing his anger, although he is clearly a very angry man – he was raised in Switzerland, he knows how not to lose face with Western audiences). Westerners see uncontrolled emotionality as buffoonish. To Muslims, in contrast, freaking out with rage indicates that you are an important person, one who is in a position to impose his will on others.

      “Muslim culture has a very different view of anger and in many ways opposite to what we experience here in the West.

      Expressions of anger and threats are probably the quickest way to lose one’s face in Western culture. In discussions, those who lose their temper have automatically lost, and I guess most people have observed the feeling of shame and loss of social status following expressions of aggression at one’s work place or at home. In the Muslim culture, aggressive behavior, especially threats, are generally seen to be accepted, and even expected as a way of handling conflicts and social discrepancies. If a Muslim does not respond in a threatening way to insults or social irritation, he, not “she” (Muslim women are, mostly, expected to be humble and to not show power) is seen as weak, as someone who cannot be depended upon and loses face.

      In the eyes of most Westerners it looks immature and childish when people try to use threatening behavior, to mark their dislikes. A Danish saying goes “…Only small dogs bark. Big dogs do not have to.” That saying is deeply rooted in our cultural psychology as a guideline for civilized social behavior. To us, aggressive behavior is a clear sign of weakness. It is a sign of not being in control of oneself and lacking ability to handle a situation. We see peoples’ ability to remain calm as self confidence, allowing them to create a constructive dialogue. Their knowledge of facts, use of common sense and ability in producing valid arguments is seen as a sign of strength.

      The Islamic expression of “holy anger” is therefore completely contradictory to any Western understanding. Those two words in the same sentence sound contradictory to us. The terror-threatening and violent reaction of Muslims to the Danish Mohammed cartoons showing their prophet as a man willing to use violence to spread his message, is seen from our Western eyes as ironic.”

      It’s a face culture. It’s completely different from ours. You can have freedom, or you can have a lot of Muslims, but you can’t have both.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        There are times and places where losing one’s temper is warranted.

        • Martin B

          That’s true. But when someone tells you “you’re losin’ it”, you know it’s not good. I wonder if that expression even exists in colloquial Arabic.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            When I am a boss and I tell my staff explicitly not to do something and they do it anyway then I will get angry.

      • Martin B

        This explains Erdogan and his antics. To us, and likely to some Westernized Turks, he speaks and acts like a clown, a third-rate Hitler impersonator, the exact opposite of a great statesman. The masses who keep voting for him clearly see him differently.

  • Xavier

    Radicalized in Mecca? How odd.

  • terrence

    “Islam is incompatible with freedom.” Islam is incompatible with not only freedom, but ALL of humanity, and most the most basic education, intelligence, integrity, honesty humans are capable of.

    Your description of Islam, in your answer to Alain, is very good.

    • Thanks. Nicolai Sennels gets most of the credit.

    • Millie_Woods

      Socialists believe that Islam is compatible with socialism.