Refugees Go Clubbing In Russia, Harass Girls, Wake Up In Hospital The Next Morning

A group of 51 refugees were brutally assaulted outside a night club in Murmansk, Russia, after they groped and molested women at a night club Saturday.

The refugees had previously been ordered to leave Norway for “bad behavior” and tried their luck in Russia. What they didn’t realize when they went out clubbing in Murmansk is that Russians have less tolerance when it comes to sexual assault on local women than other European countries.

…Police decided to let the beatings slide and didn’t file a report.

  • tom_billesley

    слава россии!

  • lolwut?
  • Ed

    Had the hospitals refused to treat the injured, this story would have been perfect.

    • Alain

      Even better would have been none left alive to be sent to a hospital.

      • tom_billesley

        How many will get out of hospital without gangrene of the dick?

        • Gary

          How about changing the medical report on entry as a Volunteer sex-change Stage-1 to remove the penis.
          Oops, sorry about that Chief .

  • Cat-astrophe

    This is great news and shows others the way forward toward greater understanding through wordless communication!

  • politicallynaive


  • Dana Garcia

    Direct negative reinforcement is more effective than training through the courts when the perps are barbarians.

  • Surele Surele

    That’s the way to do it!

  • pettifog

    Imagine if this were Canada. Some random pepper spray incident had the Prime Minister bowing and scraping and the CBC acting as if Harper were still Prime Minister. Somehow, I can’t imagine Putin calling the “victims” and saying “This doesn’t represent Russia” or RT commenting on it much, except to interview the women who were the victims.

  • V10_Rob

    Have to bookmark this story, because I expect it’ll be the one and only time it happens in Russia.

  • tom_billesley

    Send ’em to the khilafah, travelling ordnance class (the bomb bay).

  • Alain

    They did not realise that they were not in the EU I suppose.

  • Bataviawillem

    The same happened to a bunch of hijackers that tried to hijack a plane full of Russians on there way home from a holly day on the black sea coast.
    They got beaten into a pulp.

  • Jabberwokk

    Russia you tease. You do dry bombing runs on Sweden then turn around and dispense indiscriminate justice where it’s needed.