Overnight Thread


Not sure I will be home when this gets posted, got called out on a last minute job and I can’t say no to the hours…

  • ontario john

    Well, to start off everyone’s Saturday morning, here are some points of interest. National Post reports that whiny indian health agency in BC that receives billions of dollars is rampant with sexism. Staff are hired based on good looks and nice bodies. Over seven stabbings in diverse Toronto. Toronto Star has islam is wonderful stories. And little media coverage is being given to Trudeau’s obsession against Harper. Trudeau in his obsession has now insulted Canada’s war dead by cancelling the Mother Canada statue on the east coast. We can’t have arms reaching out to our war dead in the new Sunny Ways Canada.

    • Oooogg…

    • I was supposed to leave Canada about a year ago (at least that was the plan). And I publicly predicted about two years ago that Canada would be in the throes of a full-fledged Communist revolution by now. But I found myself sticking around — mostly out of curiosity and frankly amazement to watch it unfold before my eyes. I want to be a witness to history in the making, albeit the history of tyranny. I’ve witnessed a Communist revolution before which is why I could be so confident in my prediction — the methods are identical — I even offered thousands of dollars to anyone who could disprove it.

      No one took me up on the offer. But here’s the most obvious reason why this is a Communist revolution (for those of you who have never studied Marxism): the Left doesn’t object to be called “Communist”! Why don’t they sue us for defamation when we accuse them of being Communist? Since they sue for everything else, there can only be one explanation: Being branded “Communist” is a source of pride for them, it’s not a defamatory label.

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    “Standing in the Shadows of Motown” Great film. Thanks for the lift, Cat.