Jesus welcome at Yonge-Dundas Square

There’s been a lot of upsetting news and we’re all in need of a smile sometimes.

It comes thanks to the Yonge-Dundas Square Board, which overturned its original decision last October that banned the Voices of the Nations Christian concert.

  • Waffle

    The YDS decision … affirms the freedom of all groups to use the public square and host events that express diverse viewpoints and beliefs,. . .”

    Even fashion criminals!! The woman wearing the b&w horizontally-striped top should be shot on sight!

  • simus1

    Of course the fact that the city hall nomenklatura and its front window stooges decided to undue their little PC foray into deeply heartfelt anti Christian, anti heterosexual prejudice once real lawyers got involved on the side of their “easy meat” victims was just a coincidence.

  • Gary

    It’s a ruse to distract people from the Muslims across the street that promote beating your wife and killing gays as a favour to allah.

    You see, if the weasel at City hall stood their ground that media would have cameras and audio catching muslims calling for jihad to take over canada, or get caught selling their book for how to beat your wife.

    The Human Rights Commission and City Council’s leftist progressive haters would be exposed for the morons they are and treasonous weasels selling out canada to islamists for a few more years in power.
    Even John Tory is in on this because he denounced Roosh V for his views on women and is not welcomes in Toronto …….but Tory is okay with the pro-sharia jew-hating homophobic misogynistic Mosque in the Valley Park public school which Tory and Wynne know violates the Education ACT that was meant to kick jesus out of the classroom for his views.
    Muhamad is just fine for Tory, slit throats, rape little girls , flog women and hang gays under sharia law because it’s those Christians that are the real enemies .