Fans of Anti-Israeli Terrorism Clash with Jewish Students at York University

I am grateful work kept me away from this…

  • Hard Little Machine

    You need to physically beat the Jew haters brains out. Destroy that mural. Drive them all out the space with violence. And every time you see them, beat them.

  • Pretty sick. So now they’ve hijacked the word “anti-Semitism” to apply to anyone who opposes Islamo-fascism. I’m sure Justin Trudeau already has his speech prepared for next year’s “Holocaust Remembrance” — not only won’t the Jews be mentioned as victims, but Islamo-fascist Nazis will be the designated victims. Thanks to our own homegrown fascist Marxists who have provided Islamists with the fake victim-hood label. Having listened to numerous Muslim radio preachers over the years, I observed that the word “Islamophobia” didn’t even exist in the Muslim community until the Left provided them with that pseudonym — the Left is the biggest obstacle to reform within Islam. Leaving only one choice: all out war.

    And I notice that Amnesty International is involved again — they’ve pretty much evolved into a front group for tyranny.

    • mauser 98

      this starts at the top
      no coincidences here

    • David Murrell

      Under Alex Neve Amnesty International Canada has become a supporter of war crimes. He is also a notorious anti-Semite.

  • marty_p

    There is hope at U of Waterloo:
    At Waterloo a group of students are fighting back against the SJW pro-Palestinian nonsense:
    Movement to have the university change from mandatory student fees used for funding of anti-Israel SJW groups where objectors have to “Opt out” to a fee structure where student fee funding payment will be “Opt in”:

    And U of Waterloo students vote down BDS:

    • Katyn

      Waterloo is a real university. Earning a degree there is generally a real accomplishment.
      York is a diploma mill.

  • ntt1

    Our Government must stop funding the social “science” faculties either. directly or through student loans. these faculties are just useless diploma mills churning out unemployable bigots and fascists. No STEM scholar has time for this kind of assholery.

    • Waffle

      If the public school system did their job properly, i.e. really teach readin’, writin’ and ‘rithmetic, there would be little need for the inflated faculties in the Arts departments and a lot of unhappy “profs” would be out of a job.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    There is nothing wrong with being anti-Israel because that is not being anti-Semitic. Netanyahu is not a rational leader. He has stated that he would attack Iran’s reactors and that means that Israel is a state that is completely out of control. This also coupled with the fact that no doubt the settlers are given free rein to attack Palestinians whenever they please. This is never talked about by the right wing neocons in the West. Also, when the US invades, nations have the right to respond back to US aggression and hegemony.

    Also, those that attack Islam want a war with Islam like Bill Maher said in 2008 around the time of the election of Obama. They got their wish because everything has escalated more and more each year.

    I want non-interventionism, defending our borders, less immigration, and real dialogue between nations and cutting off funding to the Gulf States and Saudi Arabia.

    Israel did attack Damascus so that proves they are supporters of the US funded groups. They are against Assad and therefore supporters of ISIS.

    • Minicapt

      “[Thou] sanguine coward, [thou] bed-presser, [thou] horseback-breaker, [thou] huge hill of flesh!”