Young teens shouldn’t HAVE privacy these days!

It can be inconsistent with staying alive.

Via MercatorNet:

Only 61% of the parents surveyed say they check the websites their teens visit, or look at their social media profiles. Only a little more than half of parents have “friended” their teens on Facebook, Twitter or other social media. Less than half look at their teens’ text messages or know the password to their email accounts or cell phones.


Reality check: Old news, you say? Parents have never known what kids were up to!

Sorry. Today kids could be up to things they would have found much harder to even locate in traditional offline communities.

A kid could be famous on a network parents don’t know exists. That’s a little unsettling, but maybe harmless.

But she could be recruited online to marry a jihadi and live for martyrdom.

Those of us who didn’t realize that our young friend was a star on YouNow might not know if she was a soon-to-be “caliphette” either. See the harrowing vid of how dumb kids can be.

See also: Terror group used murdered journalist’s Facebook page to suss out friends

Kids need to know that maybe nothing is what it seems if it’s only online. See fake friends,
fake product reviews, fake science journals, fake news, and fake political consensus (astroturf)

  • john s

    Kids today have the same pressures and dangers we had way back in the seventies ( with the exception of jihad recruitment). Of all of them, getting into hard drugs will destroy the lives of a lot more kids than the jihad is will.

  • Edubeat

    Unfortunately many parents buy off their children by over-indulging in every material possession you can imagine. Two parents, two jobs no time for the kids.

  • Clausewitz

    Sounds like a set up for an even earlier state intrusion into the lives of the Proles. Soon we’ll never be allowed to learn from our mistakes, because everything will be mandated by the state and the progressive social engineers within.