White Flight: German Families Abandoning ‘Diverse’ Schools

Families in Germany are switching their children’s schools fearing that large amounts of migrants will ruin their child’s chance at a good education.

According to a detailed report in Sueddeutsche, more and more German families are switching their child’s schooling because of the presence of more and more migrant children who often disrupt class and bully native Germans.

  • Martin B

    Large amounts of “migrants” will ruin everything good about Germany, not just education.

  • The Butterfly

    Rape and tuberculosis are our strength!

    • dance…dancetotheradio


  • simus1

    Germans will be substituting “certain” for “fearing” in a few weeks ………. or days.
    Why any parents would tolerate their kids schools being overrun with unteachable illiterate muslim rapists of any age is moot.

  • Achmed

    Good. Now with the kaffirs leaving the public schools they need to teach the Qur’an and have two prayer times in all the classrooms.

    • k1962

      Oh, I’m sure you would prefer to force that sh*t on the kaffir, wouldn’t you?

  • Spatchcocked

    This has been going on for 40 years that I know of….who is bullshitting whom here.

    • canminuteman

      Yep, people people pay a huge premium for houses in neighbourhood with good schools. Good schools has always been code for a school full of white kids.

    • Xavier

      I believe the key phrasing is “more and more”.

  • Dana Garcia

    Hopefully Germany will ease up on its rejection of home-schooling. There was a German family who sought asylum in the US because their home government threatened jail and/or removing the kids.


    • Justin St.Denis

      The influence of the former East Germans is HUGE. Only after the fall of the Berlin Wall was homeschooling made illegal in Germany. German schools USED to be known for their top-notch innovations in teaching/learning; that educational culture was CRUSHED after reunification. And Frau Merkel is VERY VERY committed to the East German ways of doing things. Always was. Always will be. She needs to die.

  • k1962

    I’m sure it happens here in certain neighbourhoods. In fact, I know it does.