Those Foreign Immigrant Doctors Sure Are Something!

Dr. Hsiu Ying "Lisa" Tseng

Dr. Hsiu Ying “Lisa” Tseng

How bad do you have to suck at being a doctor that the Americans toss your ass in prison for 30-to-life?

Dr. Hsiu Ying “Lisa” Tseng, kind of bad!

This highlights a HUGE difference in culture and training that differentiates western medical doctors from those in the third world. You know, the third world where you can buy and cheat your way to an M.D. because that’s just the way it’s done there and they will typically do almost anything for money. Slightly different than the standards we are used to here in North America.

Federal authorities in recent years have cracked down on so-called “pill mills” from New York to New Orleans. In 2014, federal prosecutors in New York indicted two dozen defendants — doctors among them — for flooding city streets with more than 5 million tablets of the heroin-like painkiller oxycodone.

A year later, the Justice Department announced the “largest pharmaceutical-related takedown in the DEA’s history,” resulting in the arrests of 280 people, including 22 doctors and pharmacists implicated in a scheme to distribute vast quantities of painkillers and other addictive drugs in Arkansas, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississippi.

There have also been cases against self-employed physicians like Tseng.

Last month, DEA agents raided the office of an Atlanta-area psychiatrist who had 12 patients die of prescription drug overdoses. The doctor was charged with prescribing addictive narcotics to patients who didn’t need them. The case, and deaths, remain under investigation.

In December, a Santa Barbara, California, physician was sentenced to 27 years in federal prison after being convicted of catering to addicts who paid him cash for prescriptions. Dr. Julio Diaz, called “the Candy Man” by some of his patients, “turned young people into addicts,” according to prosecutors. Diaz was seen as such a threat by fellow doctors that they kept a spreadsheet documenting emergency room visits by his patients. Diaz was linked to 20 patient deaths, though he was not charged with the fatalities.

In 2013, another Southern California doctor, Alvin Yee, was sentenced to 11 years in prison for peddling prescriptions in Orange County Starbucks coffee houses. The doctor was caught on surveillance tape conducting cursory exams of “patients,” then issuing prescriptions in exchange for wads of cash. Yee was linked to a pair of patient deaths, according to court papers, but was not charged.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Ann Luotto Wolf, who prosecuted both doctors, said she focused on drug dealing charges because they carried sufficiently stiff sentences and were not subject to cause-of-death determinations, which can be very complicated in doctor prosecutions.

Like Nomady, the DEA agent, Wolf said she was struck by the number of patients who turned to heroin once they got hooked on pills.

“These are people who never in a million years thought they’d be injecting themselves,” she said.

Niedermann, the Los Angeles County deputy district attorney, said he knew nothing about prescription drug cases before being assigned one by chance in 2008. In that case, he won a conviction against a Los Angeles doctor who was raking in $1 million a year, mostly in cash, by catering to addicts. He was sentenced to five years in state prison.

After that case, Niedermann took on another. And then another. He has since obtained convictions against seven doctors for prescribing-related offenses.

With awareness of prescription drug abuse increasing exponentially in recent years, Niedermann said, he has fielded calls from police and prosecutors around the country seeking his advice about whether and how to proceed against a doctor.

“There’s a lot of interest,” he said. “When you hear somebody has stuck their toe in the pool, everybody wants to know what the temperature is.”

  • canminuteman

    I have never really noticed in the US, but I look at the Daily Mail rgularly and there are stories of foreign doctors killing people on a daily basis. They are never headlined ” incompetent medicine man witch doctor kills English patient by using latest evil spirit ejecting treatment”, but that is ususally the case.

  • G

    “Dr. Hsiu Ying “Lisa” Tseng” graduated with her M.D. at the university of Beijing laser printer medical school, class of 3:37 pm.

    Upon graduation “Dr.” Tseng immediately emigrated to Canada, having filed her landed immigrant status one year previous.

    She was fast tracked by a delighted canadian immigration department who were ecstatic they could fill so many pigeon holes with a single immigrant: minority, woman, professional,

    despite being unable to write english in a coherent manner “Dr.” Tseng overcame that minor hurdle by dictating the prescriptions to her “patients” who would take responsibility for their care by filling out the prescriptions for themselves.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    My favorite case of Medicaid fraud occurred five years ago when a Brooklyn proctologist was arrested by the Feds for pocketing millions for hemorrhoid removals that he never performed. Most likely, he prescribed Preparation H instead.

  • G

    In the orange jumpsuit she looks like she has Down’s syndrome

    Dr. Narendra Nagareddy
    Dr. Hsiu Ying “Lisa” Tseng
    Dr. Alvin Yee
    Dr. Julio Diaz

    Is it just me or is there a common denominator here?

    • DavidinNorthBurnaby

      Yeah, pretty WASHPish names, aren’t they?

  • Earl Wertheimer

    Come on… Prescription abuse is not limited to immigrant doctors. Trying to frame this as an immigrant issue is wrong.
    Why not complain about the government being responsible for the millions of deaths due to drunk-driving and alcoholism?
    In this case, the real problem is the ‘War on Drugs’.

    • G

      There is more than one issue at play here.

      Immigration of so-called “professionals” from corrupt third world shithouses is a big part of it. If my mentioning that upsets you … oh well.
      I’m a bit busy right now but I’ll try to give a shit …oh say… sometime next Thursday. I’m open from 12:30 to 12:31. Is that good for you?

      As far as your whining about the war on drugs? Who cares? Liberalretardians love to get pissy about how terrible the “war on drugs” is but they offer no alternatives other than vague mumblings about “making it a health care issue” (Like our health care costs aren’t high enough already).

      The fact is these same Libertarians simply can’t handle someone daring to say the word “No” to them. Isn’t freedom wonderful as long as you don’t ever mention that whole responsibility thing?

      I love how you rush to excuse these corrupt doctors for failing to adhere to any acceptable medical procedure before prescribing drugs.

      • Earl Wertheimer

        Any reply to your comment would only make it seem that your rant has some semblance of human intelligence. The comment was for the person who wrote the post. Go back to your hole.
        PS: If you had half a ball you would sign in with your real name instead of hiding behind an alias.

        • G

          Oh no somebody’s upset. 😀

          “Any reply to your comment would only make it seem….”

          So why did you reply? LOL!

          • Clink9

            Can’t get to him.

        • Minicapt

          You’re a newby, right?


  • Valencia

    This doc graduated from university in Lebanon but was trained in the US. Still it’s a horrible story