The BDS Iraq Movement Could Not Be Reached For Comment…

Iraq announces it will surround Baghdad with a 10ft-high wall and trenches to prevent ISIS entering the city with car bombs

  • Spatchcocked

    But what about the Isis guys Inside the moats ramparts berms tank ditches …..?

  • The Butterfly

    Silly Iraqis. Don’t they know that wall just don’t work, and that we should be building bridges instead anyways?

  • simus1

    The walls will be constructed of top quality materials which will preclude any skimping by low bidders.

  • canminuteman

    Moats and castles. medieval tactics against a medieval enemy. Why not? It can’t hurt.

    • tom_billesley

      Gabions are medieval but in the form of Hesco bastions are now much used for military fortification.

    • Xavier

      I hope they use trebuchets but that may be beyond their mental capabilities.

      • Petrilia

        I’m starting to wonder what is exactly within their mental capabilities. I have read about the general IQ of 60-80. Will German engineering ever be the same?

  • Xavier

    Looks like the local high school shop class has been busy.
    Think they sprung for the expensive 3/4″ outdoor plywood?

  • Petrilia

    They need a Trump wall, 44feet high, not a teeny, weeny wall. For Iraq, probably reinforced.