Roosh V cancels meetup after feminist threats


I don’t know enough about the guy to have any particular opinion about him. Although he’s not, I would imagine, religious, his background is Iranian/Armenian, (“Daryush” is Darius, of course), and therefore presumably he despises women. (I assume Middle-Eastern men despise women until they prove otherwise, which, this guy… yeah.) On the other hand I kind of despise women too, and I have a pretty high tolerance for the intelligent parts of the “manosphere”. By which I mean, if women can whine about their lot, why can’t men?

(The idiotic parts of the manosphere are populated by inadequate guys who can’t get dates whingeing about how all Western women are evil bitches and accusing any woman who disagrees with them in any way of being resentful because she’s not a 20-year-old Asian girl with huge tits. I don’t have any more respect for them than I do for radical feminists. It’s actually perfectly possible to meet nice, almost painfully sane and wholesome women. Go to church. Although I’m an agnostic, I volunteer with an Anglican church here in Halifax. Anyone who wants to hook up with a straightforward, attractive [they don’t drink to excess or smoke, which eventually shaves about a decade off the appearance] young woman who isn’t interested in screwing them over should spend time at their local church. These guys don’t do that because they want to bang hot 20-year-old Asian chicks with huge tits [FYI Asian girls do not have huge tits], and because they hate themselves and know nice girls would never have them. But I digress.)

Gavin McInnes has spent time with him. I can’t really be bothered, honestly.

Roosh’s proposal seems to be that rape charges should never be leveled against any man if he’s had sex with a woman who went back to his place voluntarily. I don’t think I really agree with that, but it’s basically what Camille Paglia was saying over twenty years ago. It doesn’t seem any more idiotic than this.

(I’ll add that, fairly or otherwise, cancelling makes Roosh seem like a bit of a p*ssy, which I would imagine a guy in his line of work can’t easily afford.)

‘Feminist rage against PUAs (Pick Up Artists) would appear to be an attempt at creating a reversal of the old male chauvinist double-standard wherein (at least according to feminist mythology) the womanizing Lothario was celebrated for his conquests while promiscuous women were denigrated as sluts. In point of fact, civilized Christian people have never condoned fornication or adultery by either men or women; marital loyalty and fidelity were reciprocal obligations binding on both husband and wife. Contrary to what any feminist might claim, there was never a time when the promiscuity of the “lady’s man” was socially condoned by responsible adults. It was only the influence of post-WWII liberalism (we may cite Alfred Kinsey, Wilhelm Reich, Hugh Hefner and Helen Gurley Brown as particular examples of a general trend) that turned the serial seducer into an object of admiration during the Sexual Revolution of the 1960s. To blame “patriarchy” for what was actually a consequence of decadence promoted by the cultural Left is one of the many lies at the core of feminism’s false philosophy. But I digress . . .