Ontario’s green bait and switch

Remember when governments just used to do things instead of proclaiming them part of the “fight against climate change”?

Take public transit. Building public transit used to be known as — well — building public transit.

As in moving people to where they need to go and back again.

  • Reader

    All of that new taxation is absolutely necessary to pour back into employment programs to raise incomes….
    for Liberal Party hacks.

  • Spatchcocked

    Jesus but it surpasseth understanding….how does Ontario end up being lead by an out and out lesbian freak….an economically ignorant irresponsible double ugly freak obsessed with inculcating innocent children with sexual
    choices that only a mature adult should be considering. A freak that was chummy with a colleague busted for the most shameful Paedophilia.
    God cannot be happy with Ontario.

  • Physics grad

    Remember when governments just used to arrest criminals like Wynne?

  • mauser 98

    …bait and switch… or hook ,line & sinker
    “Harris best Premier, Wynne presently the worst says interactive think tank”

    …pic below has nothing to do with subject…