Muslim Who “Apologized” for Cursing Jews Featured at Terror-Linked Banquet

Islamic lecturer Yasir Qadhi likes to have it both ways. In his circles, it is called practicing taqiyya (deception). First, he says the most horrific things about Jews. Then, he claims to apologize for doing so. And finally, he is heralded as a featured attraction at different radical Muslim fundraisers, a tactical continuance of his extremist past. This weekend, he is set to be a speaker at the annual banquet of the South Florida chapter of ICNA Relief, a group that possesses its own radical and terrorist-laden history.

  • Gary

    Here in Canada we had Sheema Khan from CAIR that had used the CBC for the idiots they are ever since 9/11/01 .
    CAIR lied to the CBC and spewed their taqiyyah with no resistance of fact-checking , but by 2009 Khan’s head CAIR in the USA was caught funding hamas terrorism in the Texas Terror trial by the FBI where CAIR funnelled some of their donation to a bogus Islamic Charity to help Children in the Middle east which was used to get it to hamas .
    CAIR changed its name while Sheema Khan jumped ship and now pretends to have nothing to do with it. The CBC has NEVER demanded that Khan come back on TV to explain why she never told the CBC that her islamic Org supported Terrorism with donations.