Long slow march to consensual euthanasia without conscience rights for medics

Including euthanasia of children with guardians’ consent

From MercatorNet:

After last year’s decision by the Supreme Court of Canada, Canadian legislators are attempting to draft laws to exempt physicians from prosecution if they provide euthanasia or assisted suicide according to guidelines set by the Court.

No matter what one thinks about the acceptability of these options, Canadian lawmakers must ensure that health care workers who object to providing or participating in homicide and suicide for reasons of conscience or religion are not compelled to do so, or punished or disadvantaged for refusal.More.

Reality check: Like abortion it can’t really go any other way*.

Once the idea takes hold that people have a right to die, they have a right to make their own decision about it, whatever their state of health.

Minors can’t be deterred just because uptight parents don’t want it. Infants should not be denied a health benefit just because uptight parents don’t … And death will become the new fashion statement, the new cool.

And death will become the new fashion statement, the new cool.

Health care workers will be forced to comply because anything else is an effort to deny the patient freedom. People who deny the freedom of others should not be in health care, right?

The Netherlands and Belgium are slowly making their way in that direction.

Traditionalists protest, but they are a spent force.

Today, society that really does not need most of the people who will die, whose deaths can save money for global Top People’s and tech billionaires’ moral entepreneurship and dilettantism.

Remarkably, so many walk into it wide-eyed. They would rather not know or care that this time, they are “the fetus” (technically, “medical waste”)

Also, one can sign a petition against it here.

* Unless a social breakdown so catastrophic occurs as to kill any kind of leftism/progressivism, and make most people unwilling to admit they were ever associated with it. Not likely. Most people have already bought into it to such an extent that even those who would turn back face too many barriers, too many accusations from their own words and actions, past and present.

See also: Belgian Catholic bishops take meaningful stand against euthanasia. They actually id something.

Belgian doctors now lament death as “therapy.” Conveniently, now that it’s too late to turn back.

Belgian MP also calls for euthanasia law review pending child euthanasia (Again, conveniently, they probably can’t stop now because that would make the Cool people who did it before sound like murderers, which would be a trigger warning/microaggression against their dignity)


It continues: Quebec, maybe Canada, to falsify euthanasia death certificates The right to falsify a death certificate when someone is killed will doubtless prove very convenient.

  • Support your country – Die voluntarily!

    • Exile1981

      If more people chose euthanasia thing of the health cost savings which could be spent on funding more syrian refugees. Think of the living accommodations that would open up for the same syrians and think of how cheap the raw material for soylent green would become.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    A right to die will eventually become an obligation to die, and then that obligation will become enforced, without your consent.

  • Liberal Progressive

    Its about time! We need to have the right priorities.

    Lots of room need to be made now for all the refugees coming to Canada in areas like public housing, medical care and seniors homes.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    It should only be in the hands of families to decide. Banning it would just cause people to decide on their own anyways. That creates no framework and Quebec would just go forward with it anyways. I think there should be national standards. I still remember the example of the case in the US involving that woman in a vegetative state. We should have governments being involved with this and not going to far but setting standards where patients and families can truly win. This is not a moral issue but a choice issue.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      Banning euthanasia would cause it to go underground. It needs to be supported.

      • David

        you go first

        • Billy Bob Thornton

          Well it is going ahead and nothing will stop it. As for the death penalty I do not support it because there is always a chance of wrongful conviction and that is reason enough to not support the death penalty. Those that want no euthanasia and abortion clearly do not understand that opposing those things would cause them to go understand and women would use coat hangers in back alleys like before 1988 in Canada.

          • Minicapt

            That did not happen except in the pages of dime-store novels, and the dreams of those wishing to profit from baby-killing.


  • Alain

    Can anyone explain why the zealots for euthanasia and abortion on demand always oppose the death penalty? I have always found this interesting.

    • Clausewitz

      Because they want the right to decide who lives and who dies. Comes along with their perverted idea on what a real God complex should be.

  • vimy

    My little sister recently died from cancer. Everyone in my family was in agreement with the courts decision considering how hard it was watching someone so young and vibrant waste away like that. I on the other hand disagreed with them and pointed out many reasons and examples of why I disagreed.

    Now I’m the bad guy but I don’t care and I will stand by my convictions on this matter.

  • Earthworm Earthworm

    and as it states in the booklet to be left on top of the fridge so EMS
    can quickly access it when accessing emergency care. Basically a Prime
    Directive filled out by you on what AHS should do, or decide for you
    should you become some kind of life threatening problem for them &
    your wife ain’t around. Clocks ticking on that EMS vehicle while it
    sits. Makes me wonder that if EMS can’t find it or you don’t have it in
    your possession, or it ‘s not filled out & signed by you, are you
    denied care until it shows up? Shame if that barely breathing future
    organ donor should pass away because someone can’t find the paperwork to
    green light what procedures will be enacted. Death by bureaucrat I’m
    thinking. Paperz pliz! Vee haf no papierz, no care! Stand offer der!

    I have a PD attached to my Will that states my wishes, but
    no where does it state in the green booklet whether this vague group of
    papers superceeds all other previous directives. It isn’t being filled
    out & signed by me. I don’t plan on letting some EMS dude or dudette
    start the process whereby the patient dies on route to the ER, either. I
    prepaid all those medical services through my taxes over the years
    & in Alberta, most of those years health care was a quarterly
    billing. Cash money.