Long slow march to consensual euthanasia without conscience rights for medics

Including euthanasia of children with guardians’ consent

From MercatorNet:

After last year’s decision by the Supreme Court of Canada, Canadian legislators are attempting to draft laws to exempt physicians from prosecution if they provide euthanasia or assisted suicide according to guidelines set by the Court.

No matter what one thinks about the acceptability of these options, Canadian lawmakers must ensure that health care workers who object to providing or participating in homicide and suicide for reasons of conscience or religion are not compelled to do so, or punished or disadvantaged for refusal.More.

Reality check: Like abortion it can’t really go any other way*.

Once the idea takes hold that people have a right to die, they have a right to make their own decision about it, whatever their state of health.

Minors can’t be deterred just because uptight parents don’t want it. Infants should not be denied a health benefit just because uptight parents don’t … And death will become the new fashion statement, the new cool.

And death will become the new fashion statement, the new cool.

Health care workers will be forced to comply because anything else is an effort to deny the patient freedom. People who deny the freedom of others should not be in health care, right?

The Netherlands and Belgium are slowly making their way in that direction.

Traditionalists protest, but they are a spent force.

Today, society that really does not need most of the people who will die, whose deaths can save money for global Top People’s and tech billionaires’ moral entepreneurship and dilettantism.

Remarkably, so many walk into it wide-eyed. They would rather not know or care that this time, they are “the fetus” (technically, “medical waste”)

Also, one can sign a petition against it here.

* Unless a social breakdown so catastrophic occurs as to kill any kind of leftism/progressivism, and make most people unwilling to admit they were ever associated with it. Not likely. Most people have already bought into it to such an extent that even those who would turn back face too many barriers, too many accusations from their own words and actions, past and present.

See also: Belgian Catholic bishops take meaningful stand against euthanasia. They actually id something.

Belgian doctors now lament death as “therapy.” Conveniently, now that it’s too late to turn back.

Belgian MP also calls for euthanasia law review pending child euthanasia (Again, conveniently, they probably can’t stop now because that would make the Cool people who did it before sound like murderers, which would be a trigger warning/microaggression against their dignity)


It continues: Quebec, maybe Canada, to falsify euthanasia death certificates The right to falsify a death certificate when someone is killed will doubtless prove very convenient.