Liberals to Repeal Sick Law

Liberals reward their corrupt friends:

The Liberal government has introduced legislation to repeal a Harper-era law that allows the government to impose changes to short-term disability and sick leave in the public service.

The measure is expected to produce fiscal fallout because the previous government booked $900 million in savings from the move, even though it was still negotiating with the unions affected.

The sick leave measures disrupted contract talks with the public service, which accused the Conservative government of ignoring the bargaining table.

The new legislation comes as Treasury Board President Scott Brison resumes contract talks with the Public Service Alliance of Canada, the largest of the civil service unions.

It moves the Liberals away from the Harper government’s hardline approach to the talks.


  • Gary

    Justin also plans to repeal the VISA rules for People from Mexico . Harper brought in that new rule because Canada had 30,000 Mexicans come in as Tourists by plane from Mexico and made refugees claims for the welfare and health care /Housing.
    We had 15,000 in just one year that played us for Suckers , but people like Joe Mihevic at Toronto City hall told the media that the 300,000 illegals in Toronto are entitled to Welfare and FREE health care because Toronto is a Sanctuary City .