Ghomeshi Trial Cross Examinations Chock Full Of… er… Surprises…

I can’t begin to understand the process… of how they got from there to this

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  • Mark

    I am glad I’m not the judge in this whole affair. While Ghomeshi seems creepy as fuck, the women involved don’t exactly scream normal or victims. Sounds more like regret or revenge than rape in a lot of this testimony. Throw them all in jail and be done with the sideshow.

    • Achmed

      It sounds like CBC job interviews and after giving a job but not getting a position it sounds like they regret what they did in the hopes of getting a CBC position out of this.

      It looks like it won’t be needed in this case but at least with a Shari’a court their word would be worth half of his.

    • canminuteman

      This is it exactly. This is why they didn’t go to the police at the time. They might not have liked what happened to them, but they were active participants in the process.

    • Clausewitz

      Seems like most descriptions of trying to get a job at the CBC starts off as, “Dear Penthouse, I never thought something like this would happen to me……..”,

      • k1962

        Gomeshi is a violent creep I’m sure, but what the hell is wrong with these women? Why stay in contact with someone who hit you? It’s not like their financial well being depended on it or he would have killed them if they left. They barely knew him. The police and crown really needed to investigate this further before laying charges. What a wast of time and money if he gets off. He’ll also probably sue the CBC, aka the taxpayer.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    As long as you are “rich and famous” there will be no shortage of women that will willingly bed you as long as you give them a taste of the good life, or a shot at a higher station in life.
    Ultimately, and unintentionally, feminism will return rape to a mere property crime.
    Mark my words.
    Chivalry was but a several hundred year-long aberration.

    • BradThomas

      I blame the Pill: it changed everything in the interactions between women and men. Guys could get what they wanted without commitment and women didn’t need to worry about the consequences of screwing around, and so had little incentive to form a stable, lasting relationship with a man.

  • simus1

    Hollow people doing their thing when they aren’t busy mentoring, networking, or whatever.

  • Spatchcocked

    Speaking for myself I have NEVER taken advantage of the form divine simply because they were besotted by me……for me the attraction must be mutual….there must be the first unmistakeable stirrings of what the French term l’amour.
    I have been cursed it appears since my formidable personality and charm attract women like a ….like a moth to a flame. When women fall for me they fall very hard indeed. Alas it becomes burdensome and oftentimes embarrassing when it becomes time to bid them adieu. I am told there are many who still cry themselves to sleep ….

    • Xavier

      I have it now – you’re Pepé Le Pew!

    • Waffle

      You remind me of a million and one country songs. Consider yourself lucky I’m restraining myself from playing any of them.

  • Spatchcocked

    I beg pardon….I stand with I believe Lovelace? who wrote…

    Love is the fart in every heart
    It paineth a man when kept close
    And offends all who hear
    When let loose…

  • Spatchcocked

    My intended memoir of my romantic life is to be entitled “Effluviums of Love”.

    A rather seductive little title no?

    • Xavier

      Pepé Le Pew?

  • Maureen Matthew

    This is a sinking ship – the crown had better hope that the defense doesn’t have much on the third ‘victim’.

    As a woman I’m insulted by all the women activists explaining away the behaviour of these ‘victims’. The reality is emerging and it appears that these women were looking to hook up with a rising CBC star so they could get on the CBC gravy train (shades of Bill Cosby?). I think Jian was promoted way above his ability (I don’t think his interviewing skills are anything great – compared to the skills of Peter G) and I thought Q was an over inflated CBC gabfest, but that doesn’t mean he deserves his career and life to disappear because of these women, If any guy attacked me as this women claim my response would not be to send him an email telling how great he is – I would have busted his balls, and send a general email out to all my contacts detailing my experience.

    But more interesting why not opinion pieces on Lucy who is a Captain in the RCAF reserve – WTF! If she is the caliber of women in the Canadian reserves – Lord help us!

    • no, Bill Cosby is a rapist. he raped girls who were as young as 12. They weren’t women yet, when he drugged them and raped them. he did it for years and got away with it because kids are afraid of a powerful, famous man. some of those girls were forced in to show biz by their parents, they had no choice but to do what they were told and shut up about it. they were true victims

    • Waffle

      What’s very interesting is that Ghomeshi saved these emails for more than 10 years!!! Who the hell does that?

      I’m guessing that on Monday the Crown will pull the plug and the whole farce will be considered a mistrial or something. Complete waste of time and money.

      • truepeers

        Who the hell does that? Google…

  • ismiselemeas

    Ghomeshi is a pampered narcissist and incapable of viewing the world the way normal people do. He is a talentless hack who rose to the top only because his peers at the CBC are utterly bereft of ability. However, when he ends up walking away not guilty, because he will, we are all going to end up on the hook for the lawsuit that probably end the careers of top management at John St. and cost the taxpayer millions. His narcissism will only be reinforced by this final act at which point the true monster will be revealed. Ghomeshi will give the middle finger to the Canadian public now firmly hoisted on its own petard as he collects his millions in damages. My guess is he’ll go back to London where he can watch Arsenal all he wants.

  • Spatchcocked

    Any ditzy broad allows a greasy sawed off dago Ayrab to insert his patchouli stinking tackle into her sugar scoop is a gol dang slutty two dollar hooer… smack that slut so hard even her grandkids would have headaches dagnabbit!

    • k1962


  • marty_p

    I have come to the conclusion that the actress that played Lucy on the Trailer Park Boys has the intelligence of the most of the fictional characters on The Trailer Park Boys.
    The only redeeming thing I have gotten from following this trial is that I now know what the slang term “Rusty Trombone” means (I must lead a sheltered life)…

  • Spatchcocked

    Rusty Trombone was originally a protagonist in an early Maggie Atwood short story.
    The role of Rusty in the alt noir cinematic triumph was played by a young John Candy….suffice to say Candy was magnificent….this was the role part slapstick part bathos with an ever so subtle hint of pathos that led to stardom in the states. Candy took the bait offered and was rewarded eventually with a star on Hollywoods walk of fame…while utterly repudiating any influence Atwood may have had on his career.
    Atwood as is known to a very small circle of intimates was rumoured to have had a complete nervous breakdown when it was revealed Candy and her had had a rather more intimate relationship than was known. All that was ever admitted by her press secretary was that Madame is hurting.
    Was Rusty as some faux Hopper type scribes proclaim her trans self struggling for identity long before it became in vogue……

    • Waffle

      Still living in Alberta, Don?