From Forbes: Internet losing freedom of speech

At MercatorNet:

And now this story from the Washington Post, on how Facebook went to war against bullfighting in Spain:

For Facebook and other platforms like it, incidents such as the bullfighting kerfuffle betray a larger, existential difficulty: How can you possibly impose a single moral framework on a vast and varying patchwork of global communities?

One thing Facebook isn’t in these matters is an open book:

Facebook has modified its standards several times in response to pressure from advocacy groups — although the site has deliberately obscured those edits, and the process by which Facebook determines its guidelines remains stubbornly obtuse. On top of that, at least some of the low-level contract workers who enforce Facebook’s rules are embedded in the region — or at least the time zone — whose content they moderate. The social network staffs its moderation team in 24 languages, 24 hours a day.

It’s as if, eighty years ago, the operator wouldn’t allow your calls to your fishing buddies through because she herself was a vegan.

We need a more competitive internet, just like we once needed a more competitive telephone industry.More.

Reality check:

See also: Astroturf is a mean green political machine, a logical successor to informed discussion. The big question isn’t any longer what to “do” about it in the sense that this is a unified society in which something could be done. It is how to maintain a free and informed mind as things unfold.

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