Families of Islamist militants named and shamed on Uzbek TV

In its eagerness to counteract Islamic extremism, Uzbekistan has embarked on a Cultural Revolution-style naming and shaming exercise.

Parents are being hauled before public meetings and being admonished for the sins of their militant sons and daughters in scenes reminiscent of the public castigations common in 1960s China.

“This sacred land, where model family relations are rooted, never forgives those who do not care about their children’s future,” state TV warned last week.

  • ontario john

    If only they would talk to Canada’s Sunny Ways defense minister, they would realize conflicts are a result of global warming and have nothing to do with islam. And after expensive renovations at Canadian Forces Base Borden, the LIberals have decided not to use the base to house refugees. I guess they will be more comfortable in hotels.

  • favill

    Western cuckservatives and talking heads opine about an Islam reformation….this could be a start. The Reformation began with a horny priest nailing his 95 Theses to a church door and look what that brought about–considering that most folks during that time couldn’t read their own language much less Latin.

  • andycanuck

    That’s why they’re the weak link in the Great Chain of Socialism. Don’t give them money or matches.