Emcee of African-Americans for Hillary Event Used Anti-Gay, Anti-Semitic Slurs

Oh, it’s OK when they do it!

Hillary supporters hates Gays and Jews

  • Exile1981

    It’s ok for protected minorities to be racists as long as they more protected than the group they are racist towards. Now if he had made an anti muslim joke the lefties would have had kittens.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I blame the racism, and the slavery, and the injustice, but mostly I blame blacks for their own plight. When I say “mostly”, I mean entirely.
    Yeah, that.

  • luna

    Dude looks gay, anti-gay slur was likely in jest. Jew hatred is actually representative of the people Hillary surrounds herself with.

  • Well, what should one say in polite response taking the same liberties (assuming that Hillary believes in equality where free speech is concerned)? I would say that these two nigger, jiggaboo, coons and monkeys are wrong! But that’s only if I were as ignorant and sick as Hillary and her supporters.