British teenager is gang raped by ‘Moroccan’ men after being dragged into a car in Spain

A British teenager has been gang-raped in a Spanish resort after being dragged into a car by a group of Moroccan men, it was reported today.

The 18-year-old claimed she was attacked while walking home from work late at night in Sabinillas, near Marbella.

Police are investigating a group of Moroccan men in the area.

  • The Butterfly

    How many merkels have to happen before we say, “Enough!”

  • David Murrell

    Yes, but perhaps the young British woman was not heavily clothed. It might have been her fault. /sarc.

    • BitterClinger

      Indeed, she was out after dark without her owner, so pisslam says she must be raped. Ordinarily I’m not a violent person, but I find myself fantasizing about slow, torturous murder for the ENABLERS of this invasion of evil.

  • favill

    These Spaniards are not the men of their Conquistador forefathers. Perhaps the cream of Spanish manhood died overseas fighting to build Spain’s empire.

    • Billy Bob Thornton

      The Conquistadors are living in hell due to how they caused mass genocide of the natives who were just living there and just happened to be in the wrong place when the invaders came.

      That mentality you speak of is normalizing genocide.

      It also speaks to superiority of white people over others in the world and it suggests you are okay with white supremacy. That was also Christian genocide over other cultures. Which is why Christians should apologize for 100 million people dying over 2 centuries in the 18th and 19th centuries.

      • canminuteman

        Genocide is normal. It happen all the time. And if you don’t think white people are superior, you might want to pull your head out of your ass and look at the planet you live on with open eyes.

      • Minicapt

        Ignorance can be cultivated and nurtured …


  • Physics grad

    Her parents need to buy a flamethrower and then go locate some muslims…