Berlin homeless face eviction for refugees

A Berlin home that has housed homeless people for 20 years is in danger of being cleared. The owners have seen a new opportunity: the city pays 50 euros a night to house refugees.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Leave your baggage on the platform, it will catch up with you as you are merely being relocated to the east.


  • Gary

    This happened in Toronto back in the 1970’s when we took in 30,000+ Vietnamese where many Communists hid among them just like to new scam where Jihadists and ISIS supporters will be coming in among Justin’s 40,000 pro-sharia muslims from Syria .
    There was a new Seniors apartment tower near Bloor and St George , but at the last minute before Seniors were to move in they heard that the Government was taking it over for the refugees that were under a federal program , not local .
    Justin and John Tory along with Wynne have sold-out Canada long ago and are handing it over to people from violent hell-holes that come here in Mass to self-segregate to feel like they are still back home.

    Tory , Wynne and Justin love to condemn people that are misogynistic , homophobic , racists and yet they are quiet over the Homophobic, Misogynistic , pro-sharia anti-canada Mosque in the Valley Park Public school.
    Why , because the fear terrorism since they know that the followers of islam are predisposed to riots, violence and beheading people if offended or when their demands are not met by the infidels .

    It was 1 years ago that a Canadian non-muslim froze to death at night in Toronto as a homeless person while Tory and Wynne claimed we have a homeless crisis and housing crisis.
    Hmmmm , suddenly the problems are solved when they can get votes from muslims by taking in about 20,000 or the 50,000 muslim refugees into Ontario and Toronto while Canadian homeless people are still steeping on the street .

    • Ottawa Eyes

      The same thing happened a quarter century ago with “our” government offering well above market prices to landlords to house Somali “refugees”.

      Lots of Canadians were evicted in places like Dixon Road to make room for the newcomers.

      Politicians haven’t seen it as “our” country for a long time but as “their” country to engineer in any way to buy themselves voters.

      • Gary

        Dixon road became Welfare-Alley right near Kipling because the Somali Muslims landed at the Airport with NO ID and made a refugee claim for the Welfare.
        But , many in those Apartment building are STILL on welfare and now the daughters are pumping out jihad joe’s as we see some Somali mosques grooming the youth for Jihad and terrorism .
        The Police were even attacked one night by a mob of these savages when the Police arrested a Somali drug dealer and saw it as an attack on Muslims . The area is a pro-sharia hell-hole where the CBC had the nerve to do a 1 hour special to paint them as victims of islamophobia and racism .
        These lazy weasels even pulled a scam on the Police for the money via their lawsuit against the Police.
        The scam was to call in to 9-1-1 for guns shots in a parking lot area in the evening when it was dark . Two somali’s were in their car with a video camera that had the audio off , one somali youth they were related to had stood in front of their car as the headlight were on to film the event.
        The Police car pulls in with the assumption that someone has a gun , or their was gun fire and the person was still there. The Police see the somali teen male and start to ask questions from a distance and want him to comply to show his hands and don’t move .
        He walks toward the front of the car and seems to hurl insult at the cops that respond to this punk and push him around to comply and shut up .
        The Police leave later on , but the somali runs to a Lawyer to file a complaint and a Lawfare suit for harm . It goes through the Court where the Police left out some information about pushing the teen around .
        Suddenly we see how City TV had a video of that evening which they claimed came from Tourists from Montreal that had the video camera on by mistake when they were parked at the scene.
        The Police are seen as telling lies to the Court while the video had NO audio to hear what the Punk said to provoke the Police . Once the Somali’s Lawyer had evidence for a Lawsuit from harm by this scam we THEN found out that the “Tourists” were part of the scam and relatives of the Punk which means that this was Fraud to get Tax-free money .
        I stopped watching City TV and no longer trust Dwight Drummond for any of the reports for racism and anti-muslim bigotry because he aided and abetted in this fraud or was too stupid to see through the scam.
        Ever since the Yonge street riots by Caribean yutes there have been Quota’s for Blacks in the Media than can from right from Humber College or a Ryerson Media course into the a job at the CBC and other Media outlets .
        The journalism and reporting for the CBC is pathetic and now has a anti-Canada anti-white slant where minorities are ghettoised in Toronto and expect jobs they aren’t qualified to do , but crying racism and threatening to riot seems to work .
        You would think that Minorities would be happy with their own radio and TV shows to get jobs , but no……they still want to self-segregate as bigots staying among their own kind but want to get the high paying jobs in the media at National or local Major Media Stations via Quotas .
        While visible Minorities in canada are still at around 15% , it’s normal in Toronto to see them as almost 30% of the workforce at some businesses because they also want the Quota’s to reflect Toronto’s population and not the stats for Canada.
        The CBC makes Canada look as if it’s 20% gays, 40% Blacks , 30% asians , 70% females , 30% muslims , 60% welfare housing , 25% homeless , plus about 30% white oppressor racists .

  • BradThomas

    Get ready for this in Canada.

    • The Butterfly

      What do you mean it’s already happened.

    • lolwut?

      Already happened in Toronto and Ezra Levant for some bloody reason is ignoring it.

  • canminuteman

    Burn it down.