A Merry Setsubon/Seolnal/Year of the Monkey

Let us ring in this lunar new year – the Year of the Monkey- properly:

  • BillyHW

    My favourite musical.

    • Allysonaanderson2

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  • DMB

    I have been watching recently the nearly forgotten Planet of the Apes t.v. series which only lasted 13 episodes due to poor ratings likely due to the fact that the ideas of apes becoming the dominate species on Earth and enslaving man is preposterous. However true what isn’t preposterous is the idea of man technologically and socially regressing backwards in the future. Islam is the perfect example of that. Today we are coming to crossing point were we are technologically advancing but socially regressing to the point were all civil norms, values are braking down in favour of social decay and barbaric practices (sharia law). All that really needs to occur is a global nuclear, electro magnetic pulse attack on several major cities across the globe and we will regress as a civilization at least 500 years into the past.


  • vimy