The Broader Framework of Trudeau’s Holocaust Distortion

The absence of any mention of Jews in Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s statement commemorating International Holocaust Remembrance Day has drawn much criticism. The omission of Jews in any commemorative statement on the Holocaust and its victims, even if unintended, serves as a typical example of a much wider phenomenon — the de-Judaization of the Holocaust.

  • The Butterfly

    Dumber than a jar of jelly-beans.

  • occupant 9

    I thought I saw Justin Trudeau at the hospital today but it turned out to be a CPR dummy. The resemblance was remarkable.

    • Clink9

      I bet the conversation was more intelligent as well.

  • We can only say he is “dumb and stupid” for so long — essentially making an excuse for him for his mental abilities, or lack thereof. At a certain point he has to be held responsible — unless the Liberals demand that he step down, he has to be held accountable as if he were not intrinsically stupid. He’s the leader of the second largest country on the face of the planet.

    • mauser 98

      Liberals demand that he step down? not in a million years.. he is their Messiah ..can do no wrong

      Hillary gets no hardball questions from the media . a free ride… GOP ‘ers get BBQ’d
      media will fall on a sword for St. Justin

      • If you steal John McCallum’s nightly bottle of scotch whiskey, believe me Justin will be deposed.

        • mauser 98

          McCallum would have a big stash

  • ontario john

    Its getting rather pathetic watching him blame everything on that Hitler Harper every time a reporter asks him a question. After blaming Harper he then mumbles some crap that means nothing. I wonder if he will be visiting that church that got vandalized in Toronto yesterday, like he did to his mosque in Peterborough. .

  • “De-Judaization” of the Holocaust?

    Soon, no Holocaust.

    • Alain

      That is the claim that it never existed.

  • Canadian

    Since he`s now living in “our” house, maybe he could loan his own empty abode to a few dozen of those wonderful refugees he meets at the mosque.
    Be an example for the “elite”.

  • Shebel

    Holy shit ! Do you really think that Justin did this intentionally?
    If he did — then he is a very dangerous man.
    I don’t think that he did— he is just enjoying himself .

  • I am by now convinced that Trudeau is not only a sympathizer of Islam, but has actually personally opted for Islam. This explains his consistent support of Muslim mass immigration, his visits to mosques and other expressions of Muslim interest, his silence concerning Jews as main victims of the Nazi Holocaust, his antipathy to Israel, and so on.

    • Brett_McS

      Same as Obozo.

  • Shebel

    ” And So On”— and so on — and sail on—
    I have no doubt that the Holocaust will disappear.
    I just don’t understand why —

    I can play Leonard’s – stuff forever …….. It doesn’t mean that I understand anything.
    Most people are beginning to understand Islam. They push their fucking Cult on every body— and are embraced – no matter how hateful they are.

    The Jews are getting shit kicked again—- but- you really don’t fight back much.
    Do you?
    How come you don’t use the same tactics as the fucking Muslims? I admit -I am glad that you don’t lower yourselves in to the muck.


  • barryjr

    Don’t be too hard on shithead, he doesn’t say or do anything unless Gerald tells him to.