Terrorists Among “Asylum Seekers”

“ZDF Heute,” a leading news program on German TV, reported, on January 25, 2016, that terrorists are using the asylum channel to enter countries where they plan to carry out terrorist attacks. The German news program mentioned three recent cases. The first case was the terrorist attacks in Paris, on November 13, 2015. Among the perpetrators were two terrorists who entered Greece as asylum seekers and then traveled to France via the so-called Balkan route. They carried forged Syrian passports in the names of Ahmad al-Mohammad and Mohammad al-Mahmod. They arrived on the Greek island of Leros, on October 3, 2016, where their fingerprints had been taken.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But if we save even one innocent foreign child isn’t it worth it to possibly bring in another 99 terrorists with them to save the child?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    I’m shocked, shocked that terrorists would fake refugee status to invade enemy countries.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    More cultural enrichment for Europe! Yay!

  • David


  • moraywatson

    Nothing to see here but widows and orphans…move along now…

    • Observer

      You mean, nothing to see here but widow and orphan makers!

  • Alain

    If one is honest it is self-evident that all the so-called asylum seekers are terrorists or potential terrorists like time bombs waiting to go off.