Slate and Powerline agree on one thing: the “social sciences”

They are mostly garbage.

From Slate:

As practicing statisticians who work in social science, we have a dark secret to reveal: Some of the most glamorous, popular claims in the field are nothing but tabloid fodder. The weakest work with the boldest claims often attracts the most publicity, helped by promotion from newspapers, television, websites, and best-selling books. And members of the educated public typically only get one side of the story.

From Powerline:

Generally speaking, social “science” studies that garner newspaper headlines fall into two categories: 1) they advance a liberal agenda, or 2) someone is making money. The power posing story falls in the latter, more benign category. More.

Reality check: But remember, Top People pay attention to the garbage. It provides an expensive but reliable source of fuel for the identity politics that increasingly characterizes declining Western nations.

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