PM Useful Idiot: We strive to show that “Islam is not incompatible” with Western values

This clown was elected PM.

Most Canadians believe Western and Islamic societies “irreconcilable:” Poll

The Leger Marketing polls found 63 per cent of Canadian Protestants, 62 per cent of Jews, 60 per cent of Catholics and 46 per cent of the non-religious believe Western and Islamic societies are “irreconcilable.”

Even 42 per cent of Canadian Muslims believe the contrast between the West and Islamic cultures was irreconcilable.

  • Exile1981

    The difference is the 42% of muslims who believe, plan to make sure their values win.

  • PM Useful Idiot: We Strive To Show That “A Is Not Incompatible” With Not-A.

    • I love this quote from an Imam in the article:
      “The difference between democracy and Islam is that democracy makes the people the governing authority that has ultimate [free] will. Therefore, all rulers or all candidates in the elections in this country strive to please the people without any limits.” “For instance, if the people are pleased with same-sex marriage there is no problem as long as a sector of the people wants same-sex marriage.”

      Except the Imam doesn’t realize, it wasn’t Democracy that brought in the lunacy of things such as same-sex marriage — the people were never consulted, as with many dictates of the Marxist Left that have led to the moral collapse of the West. The very things that Islamists are angry about with the West are not supported by our democratic system or free constitution — they were involuntarily enforced by our own fascist Marxists who have hijacked the system. The same people who Islamists are in bed with in the West are the same ones that are creating the sort of moral depravity that EVERYONE opposes.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        Who is going to eat who first, the muslims or the marxists?

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      He thinks Pi is calibrated in terms of decibels.
      How do you expect an engineering school dropout to understand Boolean algebra?

  • JoKeR

    Vote-whore and his quisling Cabinet and PMO.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      What a piece of shit.

  • ontario john

    St. John Church in Toronto was vandalized last night, will the little moron be going there to show his support like he did at the Peterborough mosque?

  • dukestreet

    “Since the world’s diverse Christians, Jews and Buddhists are not normally pressured to denounce the despicable acts of fellow members of their religion, Jedwab said it’s a double standard to require Muslims to do so.”
    I don’t think it’s a double standard at all. 1st- the percentage of attacks by the religions mentioned is very small by comparison and people from those religions don’t have to be pressured to denounce any terror activities because, they do so before it is necessary.

    If you read the koran and other Islamic holy books, you discover that terrorism is a required religious activity. Anyone who has read them can see this obviously. Since Islam is not only a (so called)religion, it’s a political ideology that demands violent reaction against those who critisize, disagree with, renounce or refuse to convert to Islam. It is absolutely incompatible with the west in every way.
    it is even suspect that moderate Muslims don’t denounce terrorism. They might be killed for it. Or they are waiting quietly for Muslims to gain enough strength to do what their holy book says.

    it is incredible to me that Canadians actually elected this guy as PM but, it’s also necessary to aid in the collapse of our civilization. something that has been proceeding as expected. Liberal elites can’t help but destroy their civilization. They get a lot of personal benefit from it and who care about the people they are supposed to be leading. They certainly don’t.

  • Except it’s not the job of our Prime Minister to “…strive to show that ‘Islam is not incompatible’ with Western values”. It’s not the job of the secular State to dictate what its citizens should or should not think about religion. The role of Government is not religious-political indoctrination — it’s not part of the “social contract” that exists between Government and its citizens and why Government even exists in the first place. Political Science 101.

    It’s up to Muslims to show that Islam is not incompatible with the West by making it compatible — Islam needs reform, the first step being the abolition of enforced Sharia law, Islamic supremacism, and anti-Semitism. But the reason the Marxist Left will not recognize that Islam needs reform is because it would force them to recognize that Marxism likewise needs reform, such as the abolition of enforced Social Justice, Marxist supremacism, and strangely, anti-Semitism.

    Recognizing that Islam in its present form is incompatible with Western values would require the Marxist Left to take a look in the mirror about what is likewise incompatible about fascist Marxism with a free Western democratic society. In other words we will never defeat fascist Islamism until we defeat fascist Marxism, the latter of which is the only reason Islamo-fascism has traction in the West.

  • Alain

    Muslim clerics and leaders continue stating openly that Western values are not compatible with Islam and must be replaced with sharia. They also follow through on their words with action. Yet we have some non Muslims claiming that all those Muslim clerics and leaders are lying. I know which ones I believe.

  • Brett_McS

    Is he trying to remake Islam to be compatible with Canada or will he remake Canada to be compatible … oh never mind.

  • Clausewitz

    And there it is confirmed. This Pinrod has refused to represent “All” Canadians, and definitely is not “My” Prime Minister.