Obviously Vladimir Putin Has Been Reading This Blog

Russian Bombers

Sweden delenda est!

The Russian airforce conducted a mock nuclear strike against Sweden during war games less than three years ago, Nato has said.
The 2013 exercise, which saw a contingent of Russian aircraft approach Swedish airspace after crossing the Gulf of Finland, was one of several examples of dummy nuclear attacks against Nato and its allies in recent years, according to a new Nato report.

“As part of its overall military build-up, the pace of Russia’s military manoeuvres and drills have reached levels unseen since the height of the Cold War,” Jens Stoltenberg, the secretary general of Nato, wrote in his annual report for 2015.
“Over the past three years, Russia has conducted at least 18 large-scale snap exercises, some of which have involved more than 100,000 troops.”
“These exercises include simulated nuclear attacks on Nato Allies (eg, ZAPAD [a large-scale Russian military exercise]) and on partners (eg, March 2013 simulated attacks on Sweden),” he added.

Two Tupolev Tu-22M3 strategic bombers escorted by four Sukhoi Su-27 jet fighters crossed the Gulf of Finland and came within 24 miles of Swedish territory off the island of Gotland, 100 miles from Stockholm, on March 29, 2013.
They veered off after apparently completing dummy bombing runs against targets believed to include a military base in southern Sweden and the headquarters of Sweden’s signals intelligence agency outside Stockholm.
The incident caused controversy in Sweden at the time because the Swedish military was caught unprepared and had to rely on Danish airforce jets, operating as part of a Nato’s Baltic air policing mission, to respond.
Nato declined to comment further on the incident, saying it has “nothing to add” to the statement in the report.

  • Ron MacDonald

    War is inevitable as long as the West has weak leaders like Obama and Justin.

  • DMB

    Please Russia please invade Sweden. It would be the best thing that could happen to that country right now. Russia invading Sweden is like taking candy from a baby.

  • Shebel

    It is real statement of support for our Western pussy Leaders when an act of —
    Aggression by Putin — reminds us of a long forgotten term —


  • Dana Garcia

    Sweden is a target-rich environment since they imported all the excess Muzz boyz.

  • Shebel

    So- nowadays— what is a Patriotic Swede ?
    Not the big tough guy , that everybody thought was cool.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      All the Patriotic Swedes ended up playing hockey and emigrating here to play in the NHL.

  • Alain

    “Swedish military”? Someone is putting us on.

  • Russia doesn’t need to take over Sweden. It’s small potatoes.

    No oil or gas, either.

    Putin rattles his sabre because he can.

    And who will stand up to him?

  • T.C.

    The Soviet Union used to de-stablize countries with home-grown leftists from the countries they were trying to over-throw. When conditions were right for a take-over, the KGB would move in and execute all the useful idiots and put their own agents in charge. It is ironic that the KGB is no longer required in order for the useful idiots to push socialist de-stabilization to its conclusion. Progressives are all on autopilot these days. The programming is self-replicating. The only question to ask is “will Russia take advantage of a collapsing Sweden” and ” if they do, will they do us all a favour and cap all the useful idiots when they finally take over”?

  • k1

    If The West no longer has the gumption to fight for its self then…
    Vlad has to think to himself…
    If I let the Muslims take Western Europe then that means I’ve got even MORE MUSLIM trouble !!!
    Vlad might as well take Europe and change it’s culture!
    The West has to Wake-up!