Evening photos

Ha Ling Peak (Alberta, Canada) by Chris Babida Acaso (Facebook page here)

More below the fold

Winter waves hit Havana, Cuba by Pepe Rey (Facebook page here)Cuba-waves

Misty dawn (Norway) by Carl Othar OlsenReflections-Norway

Sun setting over daffodils by Miyako KoumuraDaffodils

Sunburst on early winter snow in the forest (the Balkans) by Vanja Hadziavdic (Facebook page here)Sunbeams-forest

Before the storm (Poland) by Piotr Krol (Facebook page here)Poland-storm

Magnificent valley in Glacier National Park (Montana) by Russ Carlson Glacier-National-Park

Sunflowers under a stormy sky (Queensland, Australia) by Kristin Repsher (Facebook page here) Sunflowers-cloudy-sky

русские зимы [Russian winter] (St Petersburg) by Alexander Atoyan (Facebook page here) Russia-winter-church2

  • infedel

    Breathtaking…what a keen eye you have. ThankYou for sharing.

  • canminuteman

    That picture of Ha Ling peak in pretty much the view out my brother in laws window, only from a slightly different direction. You should visit Canmore if the opportunity arises.