Taliban assassinate 10 year old boy who fought them

Ten-year-old boy hailed a hero after he fired rockets at Taliban fighters as he helped defend his village from attackers is shot dead by terror group assassin

Wasil Ahmad

  • Hard Little Machine

    You could nuke Shitholeistan off the planet and the world would be, at worst, no worse off than before.

  • luna
  • Gary

    But remember , according to the Liberals, CBC , and STAR it’s Omar Khadr that is a real victim as a Child-soldier that murdered a Medic which is against the Geneva Convention.
    Buy hey ….when did Liberal progressives ever hold up a Muslim murderer to the same moral standards and non-muslims which is because of their soft-bigotry of lowered expectations as if they aren’t rally fully human yet and we must have pity on them .

    Justin knows he will be bringing in large numbers of RapeFugee muslims from the Jordan UN Camps that are among the 40,000 muslims remaining to come in by January 2018 .

    Our first pro-rape PM, wear it like a badge of honour Justin because you now have the muslim vote.

    • Petrilia

      I will never forget.

  • gxp01

    Condolences. This boy will always be one of my unsung heroes; what a brave and courageous soul….

  • Dana Garcia

    Being born in Muzholia is the worst luck of all.

  • eMan14

    Kudo’s to the kid. At least he tried to defend his land. Unlike other 18 to 35 year old “migrants”.

  • Blacksmith

    Of course they did, those big strong jihadi’s, they are so tough. Boy was probably the wrong flavor of pisslam too. Leftist will never see this since it will never be covered by the lamestream media.

  • Spatchcocked

    Now THAT is a child soldier……and his name isn’t Omar Khadr.