Euthanasia ruling puts mentally ill at great risk, psychiatrist warns Canada’s Parliament

OTTAWA, February 2, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — Because mentally ill people suffer from “cognitive distortions” that “impair insight and judgment,” their situation speaks “directly to the Court’s concern about ensuring the person is not induced to take his or her life at a time of weakness,” a top psychiatrist warned the special joint committee on “physician-assisted dying” last week.

“The tricky part about mental illness is that sometimes the illness can actually undermine the patient’s autonomy,” Dr. Keran Deep Sonu Gaind, president of the Canadian Psychiatrists Association, told the committee on January 27.

  • LauraS

    Euthanasia puts EVERYONE at risk…it just starts with the mentally ill. Proponents always claim it’s simply an option for those with painful, terminal illnesses to “die with dignity.”

    Then, reports come out about doctors performing “mercy killings” on seniors who have not requested euthanasia.

    Next, it’s a way to “end suffering” for those with non-life-threatening conditions like depression (e.g. twins who opted for euthanasia b/c they were deaf & going blind, the woman who didn’t want to grow old, the young woman with mental illness who wanted to die, etc.).

    Now there are discussions in Europe about ending the lives of children. Disgusting.

    IMO, we do not need euthanasia. What we need are better health care systems and a massive boost of funding for quality palliative care.

    • reidjr

      So you would perfer put people in comas for years.

      • Jaedo Drax

        If they are in a coma how do they consent to Euthanasia?

      • LauraS

        Hey, I can play that game, too!

        “So, you would prefer to kill those who oppose euthanasia.”

        If you have something intelligent to say, I’m willing to listen, but don’t make lame straw man arguments. Readers of this blog are far better than that.

        • reidjr

          No if someone has weeks to live and is suffering and wnats to die they should be allowed to.

          • Minicapt

            That’s not what you said, which puts you in the wanking troller class.


          • LauraS

            I agree that no one wants any dying person to undergo suffering and pain.

            Here’s where we differ, reidjr…I would rather see a terminally ill person made comfortable with medication, and receive the best possible palliative care–whether in a palliative care facility or at home. And that doesn’t mean drug them up so they are in la-la land until their time comes, btw. Palliative care can offer pain relief, dignity, and a meaningful death surrounded by family and friends. What if someone could spend those “weeks to live” enjoying the company of loved ones and saying goodbye?

            Euthanasia has proven to be a Pandora’s Box in every jurisdiction it’s been introduced. Plus, I don’t see suicide as a treatment option–particularly not for the mentally ill, the vulnerable, or minors.

            I oppose euthanasia, not b/c I don’t care about people who are suffering, but because I feel there are more meaningful options out there, and I don’t think we should play God with the lives of others.

          • Alain

            As having been a volunteer for several years for a hospice, I totally agree with you. It was called pain management and it worked. No one forced the patients to remain alive in a vegetive state dependent on machines, but no one forced them to speed up their natural exit.

    • DMB
      • LauraS

        Let’s hope not!

  • David

    Well it would be one way to get rid of the stupid old people referred to in previous comments on this blog

  • Alain

    On a side note I could not help but notice the accurate description (cognitive distortions and impaired insight and judgement) of mentally ill people which accurately describes the Left.

  • Yo Mama

    Shiny Pony sees euthanasia as a human right absolutely necessary to ensure there will be enough doctors and housing for all the `freedom fighters’ he wants to import from the middle east and north africa.

  • Bataviawillem

    Any euthanasia law or regulation on the books now in several countries, that i know of, demands that a person should be of sound mind when making the decision, that covers it I would say.

    • Alain

      Not if you do your research. Where it has been legal they have been many documented cases of abuse. In some cases it was the children who wanted to access their inheritance sooner, and in other cases it was the system that sought to save money. We already are able to establish a living will stating that we do not want to be resuscitate or kept alive dependent on machines, and this is respected.

  • Minicapt

    They should do a test run of the law for a decade, limiting it to politicians, psychiatrists, and other advocates.