D.C. Democrat Pens Bill That Would Pay Residents For Not Committing Crimes


  • The Butterfly

    This will surely work better than basketball courts.

    • Pay me my money.

    • Politicians are playing the “Social Worker” role instead of the job we hired them for. The irony is that paying people to change their behaviour doesn’t even work in the Social Worker context.

      True story: I met a guy in a homeless shelter who told me he was being PAID to stop doing crack cocaine for six weeks and attend rehab. When he finished the program, they paid him as promised (a couple hundred bucks). He promptly went out and used it to buy a big bunch of crack — much more than he could usually afford to buy, which was in five or ten dollars hits. The paid Government rehab program facilitated him enough cash to start dealing the stuff himself!

  • luna

    Sounds like a protection racket, or in Arabic jizya.

  • politicallynaive

    That is one reason why, the democrats are not known as a law and order party…
    The irony is that most criminals vote democrat,Duh!!!

  • john700

    It might work if they pay blacks double the sum they pay whites.

  • Xavier

    De facto admission that Rule of Law isn’t effective under liberal jurisprudence.

    • infedel

      …and law abiding citizens pay and pay and then pay some more with taxes and regulations and other loss of freedoms.

  • Ron MacDonald

    I think will rob a bank, but if you give him $20K I won’t.

  • Xavier

    I promise not to beat up any more cops now give me my money.

  • Clausewitz

    This is just as stupid as schools in the US that pay their students for good attendance. This point was brought up in class up here in Canada by one of my whinier progressive students, at which point I told her that education is the reward for showing up to class. Her name was Jane, as in “Jane you incredibly ignorant slut”. Thank you Dan Akroyd.