Chinese Defector Reveals Beijing’s Secrets

A defector from China has revealed some of the innermost secrets of the Chinese government and military, including details of its nuclear command and control system, according to American intelligence officials.

Businessman Ling Wancheng disappeared from public view in California last year shortly after his brother, Ling Jihua, a former high-ranking official in the Communist Party, was arrested in China on corruption charges.

  • If a Chinese defector of that caliber defected in Canada then Justin would have him immediately returned to the regime. Cuban athletes stopped defecting to Canada a number of years ago because they have often been returned to Cuba. That’s why when we had the recent Pan-AM games and about a half-dozen Cuban athletes defected, they didn’t even attempt to apply for asylum in Canada. The Cubans were immediately hustled out of Canada with the help of friends and successfully applied for asylum in the U.S. Canada is only a few steps from becoming an Official ally with Communist countries.

  • Hey, remember when everyone said that China was changing?

  • simus1

    The US gets Ling & maybe Ling (or what’s left of him).
    China gets Hitlery.
    It all balances out.

  • Blacksmith

    Damn that poor Fekker is dead and doesn’t even know it. The current admin will let him be killed as soon as possible to protect their Chinese partners.