But We All Knew He Was An Airhead

Disappointed? Get used to it:

The warmth and charm of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau didn’t impress Halifax university student Charlotte Kiddell when she questioned him for a special CBC program.  

“I was also really disappointed by how much time he spent skirting around questions. He had a lot of empty answers like, ‘Oh yeah, I’m looking into that,’ and frankly I don’t think those are good enough,” said Kiddell. 

Kiddell is in her final year of a dual English and psychology major at Mount Saint Vincent University. She was selected to take part in a CBC program called Face To Face with the Prime Minister.  

The show gathered together 10 Canadians with diverse viewpoints from across the country. They were brought to Ottawa to sit down with Trudeau for 10 minutes and ask him questions about issues that matter to them.

Kiddell asked Trudeau a range of questions, including whether he would end unpaid internships, and what can be done to help recent graduates find jobs when the economy is bad. 

She said 10 minutes isn’t enough time to understand the struggles many Canadians face. 

“If he truly deeply cared about these conversations about what Canadians are going through, the meeting wouldn’t have been 10 minutes, it would have been much longer.” 



A debate against Wolverine Ted Cruz would always end one way. Trudeau never stood a chance:

While the details are a bit hazy, Trudeau recalls an opponent who came prepared to dominate — and, apparently, Cruz did.

“If I recall correctly it was about an obscure monetary policy element that he had done an awful lot of research on,” Trudeau said in that pre-election interview.

“His poor opposition had no real capacity to rebut. It was a focus very much on winning the debate, rather than on any sort of fair chance to have a good and robust debate. But that’s the way university debating was played at that particular moment.”

I’ll bet the details of Justin Trudeau’s sound beating by a superior opponent are “hazy”.

The object was to win, not to have a rigorous exchange of ideas, something Trudeau is demonstrably incapable of.

Trudeau had his @$$ handed to him and it still hurts.