The Truth Is, Uh, Still Out There

So I was wrong. The 1990s Revival is going ahead after all, leading those of us who lived through that decade to ask: “Wait, things happened in the 1990s?”

At the time I’d left the left, but 9/11 was obviously yet to come, so “politics” came down to my mom having to explain what “oral sex” is to my grandmother.

(Thanks, Bill Clinton!)

  • BradThomas

    Speaking of Islam (and it’s a sad statement on our world today that we tend to do that so much) but one its attractions – and let’s face it, at least some people do find it attractive – is it’s absurdly simplistic division of the universe into good (Muslims) and bad (non-Muslims).

    Heck, who doesn’t sometimes wish that all evil folk were readily identifiable because they looked like Tolkien’s Orcs? But I suspect that anyone who is in possession of more than a thimbleful of awareness and honesty, must recognize that the world is much too complicated to be described in such a crude fashion as Islam proposes.

    • Islam is the perfect system for all mankind!

      • BradThomas

        The key word is “man”; it’s not so hot for the other half of the human race.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        The best part about K’s piece was the last line.