Second-Degree Bern

Thank God that’s over. You don’t have to be an Amtrak conductor to want to punch the next guy who says, “There are three tickets out of Iowa.” In the end, Ted Cruz won eight delegates and Donald Trump seven. Which doesn’t sound so bad for Trump. Except that Marco Rubio also won seven delegates. Had the caucus been held 24 hours later, Rubementum might have pushed Trump to third place

  • BillyHW

    They all suck be honest.

    • Some less than others;)

      • eMan14

        Bill would know.

    • It’s sad that our democracies are not able to produce the leadership really needed in the present circumstances.

      • Xavier

        It is my dream that one day there will be a candidate I actually respect.

  • BradThomas

    I have to admit, after reading this article by someone I greatly respect, Mark Steyn, in which he mentions Donald Trump’s apparent indifference to free speech – at least in regard to the Mann versus Steyn lawsuit – I am rather less enthusiastic about Trump’s presidential run than I had been previously.

    • Justin St.Denis


  • simus1

    They all did quite well except for the “pre convict” only getting a tie in her race with the commie. That has got to smart.

  • JoKeR