Jian Ghomeshi accuser’s memories under fire

TORONTO – A starstruck publicity hound seeking her 15 minutes of fame? Or a pretty single mom looking for romance — blindsided by three punches to the head?

Victim blaming — why didn’t she go to police all those years ago? Or fair questions for a woman whose inconsistent testimony could send Jian Ghomeshi to jail?

It was only day one of the former CBC star’s long-anticipated trial and already it was a bumpy ride for the first of the three complainants. But Ghomeshi’s fierce lawyer, Marie Henein, was not wholly to blame. Her credibility suffered at the hands of her own shifting memories.

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  • useless opinion

    Petard times in Canada I think. Before the trial of Gomeshi, he would have advocated to his last breath the feminist mantra that all women HAVE to be believed 100 percent of the time. Now we will have the Reverend Lovejoy of toronto now using the same tactics to destroy his accuser(s) when he gets to trial. I love a pretty and sharp petard.

    • This cross examination isn’t going well

      "That is a photo showing your entire body in a string bikini.""I wanted him to call me.""Yes you wanted him to call you." #Ghomeshi— Sarah Boesveld (@sarahboesveld) February 2, 2016

      • Waffle

        Getting hit in the head can really fry your brains.

  • Waffle

    Memory can play strange tricks on you. Just the other day I was commenting on something I was absolutely positive I remembered correctly (there were several markers: time of day, time of year, sequence of events). Turns out I was wrong, dead wrong. Wish I could be more explicit but I forget what the topic was 😉

    • Yes but this witness is her own worst enemy.

      • Waffle

        Yes she is, but that’s the point. Heinen’s job is to get her client off, regardless of how despicable and creepy he might be. That’s why she can afford a closetful of Manolos. Everybody is entitled to a defence. That is the basis of our legal system. I hate to think of what it might be like under Sharia. The late, great Eddie Greenspan provided a defense to horrible clients.

        Good tactic — position the weakest, least credible witnesses first. Sets the tone. It’s like writing an essay or some other polemic — you state your position up front. Each succeeding sentence or paragraph is merely reinforcement.

        Exposing the witness’ own lack of credibility makes it much harder to fault the lawyer.

        • El Martyachi

          … job is to get her client off…

          Maybe not the best phraseology.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            Maybe it’s quite apt.

  • BillyHW

    Hearing all these women I can only come to one conclusion: Women should not be allowed to vote.

  • Chatillon

    Hmmm. What does it mean if none of those figures look to be quite circular?