Ghomeshi Trial Has First Big Twist as Witness’ 3 AM Email to the Accused Revealed

As the first day of Jian Ghomeshi’s sex assault trial wrapped up, his defence lawyer Marie Henein had already pointed out several discrepancies in the first witness’ testimony to police, media, and the court.

Overall, they were relatively minor: was she wearing hair extensions when he allegedly yanked it? In which direction was her hair being pulled? Was she kissing Ghomeshi before he allegedly pulled her hair or during? On Tuesday, she introduced a new question about whether or not the witness was “pushed,” “pulled,” or “thrown” to the ground during the assault in Ghomeshi’s house—the answers appeared to vary in different interviews.

Then came the big reveal.


This can’t be good.

  • The Butterfly

    Is it true that you let the females of your species vote?

    • Be nice Butterfly!

    • Clink9

      We also clothe them and put them in positions of authority.

      • The Butterfly

        I think I’m going to fly on over to Ferenginar.

        • Clink9

          They are the last true men.

    • Et tu, Butterfly?

  • Waffle

    Not only is this twit’s credibility undeniably damaged (if she ever had credibility), but she has cast a long shadow on any woman who truly is a victim of of abuse. And there are real victims and there are other creeps like Ghomeshi out there.

    • It’s a dispiriting turn of events but that’s what a trial is for.

      • Waffle

        “, , , that’s what a trial is for”. What do you mean? I thought the purpose of a trial was to establish truth. That is why there are rules. Rules for civil trials. Rules for criminal trials. Rules regarding evidence and so on and so on ad nauseum.
        If witnesses give false testimony (i.e. they lie) it makes it more difficult to uncover the truth, like peeling back the layers of an onion. False testimony is not only a legal construct, it is also a matter of morality (if one still believes in such things), It is one of the cardinal sins.

        As much as we would all like to see this pervert suffer a legal judgement of consequence, it looks as if (at this early stage) he may “walk” because of the mendacity of a very stupid bitch. So far, the only one earning points is Sweet Marie who has already picked out her next pair of Manolos.

  • k1992

    If she’s the best that the prosecution has, then this guy walks, no question.

  • DD_Austin

    I believe this is called “taking a dive”

    Watch her be the next new anchorwoman on CBC news

  • Xavier

    She’s like a Canadian Mattress Girl. Except for the begging for anal bit.

  • Spatchcocked

    He twisted my fluffy cotton tail and pinched it….HARD….then tied my ears in knots and threatened to stick a pin in my little button eyes if I ever breathed a word of his foul practices ever.
    I tried to forget the horrors I’d witnessed…oh God I tried but the memories kept crowding remorselessly into every waking moment…..til I was forced to see some crackpot stuffed toy whisperer…before I knew it I was hooked on sawdust ,cotton batten , and the hard stuff excelsior…..that’s when I knew I had to roll over on the demented shiksa hating little goatherd if I was ever going to lead a normal life again.
    I’m still in recovery but I feel stronger every day and truly believe that one day that ol sun is going to shine on me again.

  • Lefties accusing other Lefties. And exposing their own fake gender narrative in the process. I love it.

  • David

    Do ya think he’ll get a multi million dollar payout?

  • Reader

    Maybe it is time for a Canadian musical interlude?

  • Brett_McS

    Don’t the lawyers screen witnesses first to make sure they are kosher? Having this bint as the lead witness surely damages the case no matter who comes later.