“Contrary to earlier reports (indicating) that all refugees are highly qualified doctors or dentists… 17% are illiterate”

Belgium – Some 17% of recognized refugees staying in Flanders – nearly one in five – were illiterate, said Monday the Flemish Integration Minister, Liesbeth Homans. “Contrary to previous information (indicating) that all refugees would be highly qualified doctors or dentists, we see in the first wave (of participants) the integration process 17% of recognized refugees are illiterate,” Has -she said during the broadcast Hautekiet VRT

  • Hard Little Machine

    Per Obama all illegal Mexicans are Fullbright Scholars.

  • Liberal Progressive

    That is proof of discrimination and that Flanders only took the best of the best!

    Shame on them!

  • tom_billesley

    Medical professions need more diversity. Illiterate is good. They can learn on the job.

  • Alain

    I seriously question that it is only 17%.