UK: Convicted Muslim Rapists’ Clan Intimidated Victim’s Family Throughout Trial

Rape victims family intimidated by MuslimsA group of more than 50 family members and friends gathered at Manchester Crown Court on Friday to protest and the girl’s mother says they deliberately intimidated her and her family.

The girl’s mother said on the day the trio were jailed Yussuf swore at them and another in the gang blew kisses while family members shouted at them.

The 49-year-old from Cheshire, also said she and her husband were constantly targeted during the two month trial.

Well now. Isn’t that multicultural!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Yet their police have time to visit people at their home to “suggest” that they remove Twitter posts.
    The U.K. Is well into Anarcho-Tyranny.

    • The Butterfly

      The “British” police are a diverse disgrace.

      • They have diversified into a bad joke.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Yes, they are about as bad as Mexican police, except maybe they do not conduct contract killings, but that’s about it.
        Lazy, corrupt, incompetent and cowardly.
        Well done UK!

      • Physics grad

        they are a political gestapo force now

    • It is the same in France Muslims lay siege to court houses demanding their criminal kin be released.

    • LauraS

      I would advise this family to sue, sue, sue. Surely the courthouse must provide security? Then sue the bureaucrats running the court for allowing these neanderthals to harass the family during the trial. Sue the judge for failing to ensure the witnesses aren’t intimidated. Sue the “elites” who are enabling this behaviour for millions, and millions, and millions. Hit them where it hurts. Also, demand a public inquiry that names, shames, and files criminal charges those against everyone who permitted these vile Muslims to harass the family. Hit them where it hurts. Surely there is some ambulance chaser lawyer who would provide legal services for a shot at a huge payday. Surely there is a British MP who would stand up in Parliament and demand an inquiry. Name, shame, go after their livelihoods, and bankrupt these folks. It’s the only way anything will change.

    • canminuteman

      The British establishment know they have failed. They just don’t know how to get out of it, so they double down and won’t admit it.

  • P_F

    Somalian rapists product of: ‘Homininae barbarousus mohammedanesis’ mating with ‘Homininae primitivus nigerosis’.

  • AlanUK

    I am ashamed.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      At least you still have Alan Carr.

      • AlanUK

        You trying to make me feel worse??

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          I meant Jimmy Carr.
          Alan Carr the quit smoking guy is dead.

  • gxp01

    I think it won’t be long before a Modern Crusade(s) take place. And just like the ones before it, it was these filthy self-righteous Mudslimes that instigated it in the first. These arrogant fucktwats just need to push Christian “kafirs” buttons if its a war they truly want.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Run them over with your car and cut their heads off in the street. Britain is fine with that response. I am dead serious. Kill them.

  • ismiselemeas

    But they were such good boys, always, always they were good boys!!

  • DavidinNorthBurnaby

    So glad Justanairhead will be importing more and more raping, harassing muzzies into Canerduh. Just what the doctor ordered. If the doctor’s name is Mohamed.