Shocking footage shows migrant men ‘attacking pensioners defending woman they were harassing on Munich subway’

Shocking footage has surfaced online appearing to show a group of young migrants attacking two German pensioners after they stood up for a young women the men were harassing on a subway train.

Recorded on a mobile phone, the disgraceful video shows the men – of Eastern European or Arabic origin – holding one man by the arms as they verbally abuse him.

The second victim is seen grappling with one of the migrants, before he is held up by the neck and threatened.

Munich man Tom Roth uploaded the disgraceful video to his Facebook page. He caught the footage while travelling from Sendlinger Tor station to the Metro’s city centre terminal.

h/t JEH

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Arab Muslims not Eastern Europeans.

    • East European Arabs;)

      • From Polandistan.

        • Frances

          They are SOOO not Polish. The Poles, Slovaks, and Czechs don’w want any “refugees” anywhere near them. Might be Romany, but don’t think Romany are that brazen.

          • I realise that.

            I was being sarcastic.

          • Frances

            Figured as much. But have been to eastern Europe and have some sense of their attitude towards “furriners”.

          • The Poles I’ve met have been good people.

            But I suppose ether are some bad apples…

    • Definitely ethnic Arabs/Muslims, not E. Europeans.

      • tom_billesley

        Look like Maghrebis.

  • Guns. Or cattle prods.

    That is what I have to say.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      Their lives have no value, so I guess it’s GUNS!

      • But cattle prods could also be fun.

        • Drunk_by_Noon

          Obviously you have never had the satisfaction of shooting a man, but I guess it’s a personal preference thing.

  • BillyHW

    Merkel must die.

    • She deserves to be lynched in a massive public event.

  • Gary

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    I’m waiting for one of these punk to threaten me because I grab the bastard by the throat and squeeze until their POS soul is on its way to hell to meet muhammad their pedophile buddy and wife beater.
    Canada lost far too many people in WW2 to let these fascists thugs come here by plane for our welfare and then go around beating up seniors and rape out women.
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  • Physics grad

    Germany should exterminate their muslim invaders

  • Alain

    What is even more telling about the sad state of affairs in the West is the Munich “man” who took the footage but did nothing to come to the aid of the pensioners. That savage Muslims act this way is a given, but that there are few real men left in the West does not promise a good future. How many times have we seen this same kind of cowardliness in the West?