Political Animal on US Conservatives going nuts hating Trump

Tidbit: Fox News Chairman, Roger Ailes probably wrote the release dumping on Trump himself.

More from my American friend (the Political Animal):

The pompous, self-serious “Against Trump” issue, recently published by National Review with all the political acumen of a Versailles courtier circa 1788, was worse than a failure.

Not only did the dozen plus small essays by various conservative intellectuals fail to persuade, the hive mind of resistance to Trump it embodied, mostly predicated on which writer could outdo the other in saying truly ghastly things about his supporters, was a phenomenon usually seen on the Left in America.

Consequently, the average republican or conservative (the two have not been synonymous for some time) who doesn’t read National Review was left to see this eruption of bile as more of the same from the entrenched, special pleading interests that Trump has been savaging since the moment he first announced in June of 2015.

As for those who do read National Review, they remain a small and objectively un-influential group: the magazine has lost subscribers every year since 2010. Robust the publication is not.

One would have thought that people who consider themselves both well read and astute would have been able to grasp the larger contours of the zeitgeist but, apparently, such is the depth of their revulsion to Trump’s so far successful attempt to storm the political beaches, that they are unable to offer a substantive analysis as to why and how he has come this far, let alone what it might portend in the future.

It’s difficult to overstate how stale and out of date almost every approach to politics and to political media coverage has become & how quickly.

As I’ve said before, the old metrics are of almost zero application to the current political landscape. Winning most the votes is still valid but how to do so in the face of Donald Trump is not at all clear, certainly not when he appears poised to win Iowa tonight and with it, as they say, run the table. Myself, I see no problem with Trump coming in a close second and still sweeping the next set of primaries.

Iowa has a poor track record in predicting the eventual nominee. Who else but Trump would point that out to them? He says things like “Iowa, you haven’t picked a winner in sixteen years. Pick me. I’m going to win.” Does politics get any more direct or effective?

Withdrawing from the last FOX television debate hurt Trump not at all. This the polling from the Des Moines Register newspaper in Iowa seems to have confirmed to everyone’s satisfaction.

It wasn’t at all clear that this would be the result, however, when Trump walked out after a gratuitously insulting press release was issued by FOX. It’s commonly accepted that no less than it’s Chairman, Roger Ailes, personally wrote the offending release.

When someone as wily as Ailes gets Trump wrong as a candidate, and massively so, rest assured lesser lights in the media and the commentariat do as well, only more so.

When things in politics, or culture, or life in general become repetitive we often say “We’ve seen that movie.”

At long last, the Trump movie is premiering tonight and over the next several months. We’ve never seen anything like it.

Reality check: Movement conservatives seemingly accept no responsibility for the vast failure of their movement that enabled Trump to exert so much influence.

When was the last time  people like the movement conservatives ever protected the Americans wittering meekly that they didn’t want to be totally transformed? Unlike Canadians, Americans have actually fought for the right not to be so treated. But hey, they’re just the stupid rubes and hicks of flyover country whose votes can be sneered at because they can’t really do anything about that. Right?


I chanced to be huddled recently in a group of warm bodies in Canada, staying warm, and they were mostly freaking out over Trump. They didn’t seem to understand that he is a bomb that the beleaguered (former) working class and middle class Americans of all ethnicities are throwing at the “movement conservatives.” Those Yanks don’t think there is a genuine Republican worth electing. It makes no difference to them if Hillary wins, as long as the movement conservatives don’t. That’s the last thing they can finally say to the world.

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US middle class ready for a 3rd party? But why does it matter if they are? The reasons the middle class is declining are historical and structural. Today, the power and money will come from marketing the newly needy, often to struggle against each other in identity group conflicts.

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  • What’s odd is that Trump, a wealthy member of the upper class has unleashed a class war within the Republican party.

    • Drunk_by_Noon

      It is pretty damn cool, isn’t it?

      • Islam, Islam, Islam.

        Every other politician, dems or RINOs, have all ignored and whitewashed Islam. At the same time, millions can see daily, the blood that Islam is responsible for.

        The dems, and the RINOs, have no one to blame but themselves.

        There is only one reason for being together as a country – survival.

        Ignoring Islam seems like a bag gamble. Just look at the hell hole now growing in Western Europe. I do not want the same here. Obviously lots of other voters feel the same.

        Get over it. Islam “is” the issue. And Trump is the only one to address it in a realistic fashion.

      • Exile1981

        I’m worried about Cruz. I think if he got the nomination over trump then the party leaders would wait till it was done then declare that cruz is inelligable and appoint jeb as the canidate. Since each party is supposed to verify elligibility and while he says he is elligible the party has never officially said he is.

  • Alain

    Let’s be honest and admit that there really is next to no difference between the GOP establishment and the Democrat establishment, both are totally unconnected with regular, working Americans. It is the same here with the Liberals, NDP and “progressive conservatives”. Trump was the first and only one to voice the concerns of the majority of Americans, and thanks to him some of the other candidates have had to address to some extent these issues. We badly need someone like Trump in Canada.

    Regarding Canadians suffering from TDS, they are the ones who only get their “news” from the CBC, CTV or other MSM, which is so far left they risk falling off the edge. These would be the same lazy, brain-dead fools who voted Liberal in 2015. The irony is that they really think of themselves as some kind of elite.

    • canminuteman

      I agree. Do I think Trump will make a great president? No, but how many great presidents have there ever even been? The vast majority of our political class are totally mediocre. It doesn’t take much to stand out from the crowd.

    • mauser 98

      yes.. Harper is a closet liberal
      ruling class , military complex will not allow Trump without a leash
      it’s all cooked

  • mauser 98

    Drudge now says Cruz at 30% Trump 29%

  • andycanuck

    Yes, when my newspaper-believing father begins sh1tting on Trump because the Red Star tells him so, I’m going to say to him, “Hey, dad. You hate the Republicans, don’t you? You know Trump is hated by the Republican Party brass; and conservative writers accuse him of not being a conservative. So shouldn’t you be cheering on an outsider attacking the Republican Party from without?” (I won’t say “GOP” let alone “GOPe” because, you know, he reads the Red Star and Maclean’s so he won’t recognize either acronym.)

    BTW, the Red Star was crapping on not just Trump on the weekend but also on Sanders, the open socialist running. So the paper that wants to turn the Libs into the NDP are pulling for Hillary instead of Sanders. It’s almost as if they’re only interested in power or something.