Pathologising free thought over Islamists

Be afraid, be very afraid. If you lean Right and rational, there’s a phobia coming for you. Homophobia and transphobia are popular options, but they pale in comparison to that ever-amorphous yet strikingly censorious tool of denunciation, Islamophobia.

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  • Be afraid, be very afraid. If you lean Right and rational, there’s a phobia coming for you. Homophobia and transphobia are popular options, but they pale in comparison to that ever-amorphous yet strikingly censorious tool of denunciation, Islamophobia.

    Increasingly, academics are researching associations between phobias and political affiliations. In a recent report, researchers from the University of South Australia’s Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding located Australians on a scale of Islamophobia. After conducting a phone survey with 1000 people, they rated 70 per cent as having a low level of the phobia, while 10 per cent were “highly Islamophobic.” The researchers found people affiliated with the Liberal and Country parties had “significantly higher levels of Islamophobia” than the Labor Party which was described as “centre-Left.” The leftist press Huffington Post reported the findings under the headline “Less Educated, Liberals, Unemployed More Likely to Be Islamophobic.” The grouping of terms suggests an association between lack of education, unemployment, Liberal political affiliation and the negative value of Islamophobia that isn’t borne out by the research.

    Largely absent from public debate about Islamophobia is whether we should use the term at all, given its ambiguity and etymology. In the University of South Australia report, Islamophobia is defined as: “negative and hostile attitudes towards Islam and Muslims … hostile feelings, discrimination, exclusion, fear, suspicion or anxiety directed towards Islam or Muslims.” By this definition, the researchers do not distinguish ill-feeling or discrimination towards Muslim individuals from the critique of religion. Islamism, the political expression of Islam, is not included in the definition.

    Differing definitions of Islamophobia used by NGOs, academics, the media and politicians challenge the foundational values of the free world. In the West, we enjoy freedom of thought and speech under a secular state. That means the right to criticise any religion, including Islam. Negative attitudes towards or criticism of religion per se should not be defined as a phobia in any Australian university.

    Islamophobia is not a term designed to combat prejudice. It was designed to empower prejudicial thought by censoring dissent. Abdur-Rahman Muhammad is a former member of the International Institute for Islamic Thought, a front group for the terrorist organisation Muslim Brotherhood. He revealed Islamophobia was invented by such groups in the 1990s, describing it as a: “loathsome term … nothing more than a thought terminating cliche conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics.”

    Increasingly, academic researchers are contending that the political “phobias” constructed by the PC Left during the past 50 years constitute a mental illness. In a recent study, academics claimed homophobia was a disease. Researcher Dr Emmanuele A. Jannini said to Medical Daily: “After discussing for centuries if homosexuality is to be considered a disease, for the first time we demonstrated that the real disease to be cured is homophobia.”

    The Left has a long history of accusing political dissenters of mental illness. In Soviet Russia, communists locked free thinkers in asylums and camps and subjected them to thought reform techniques. Exiled dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn described the intellectual state established by Soviet communism as “the permanent lie”. Freethinkers had to submit to the state enforcers of politically correct ideology. Society was broken by a system of hyper-vigilance where citizens were encouraged to report those who deviated from the party line. There were ready-made phrases to describe the world not as it was, but as communists wanted it to be. As Solzhenitsyn wrote in The Gulag Archipelago: “without this lie even an academic work cannot see the light of day.”

    The 21st century Left likes to be portrayed as more moderate and civilised than its 20th century communist forebears. But by deeming politically incorrect thought a mental illness or phobia, the modern Left is resurrecting Soviet-style thought control. Only last week, Pravda described as “Russophobia” the British inquiry finding that dissident Aleksandr Litvinenko was assassinated by order of the Russian state.

    In 2012, the Associated Press dropped the terms homophobia and Islamophobia from its online style book on the sound rationale that a phobia is a medical term that suffers inaccuracy when used to convey other meanings. Yet, phobias continue to be used by the political elite to denounce politically incorrect thought and dissident thinkers.

    We should not ban inaccurate or offensive words, but find a political lexicon that conveys accurately empirical truth. That means avoiding propaganda. The parade of politically constructed phobias across the page announces the presence of ideology, not fact. Political phobias are tools of propaganda that convey everything while meaning nothing at all.

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  • Islam is a death cult.

    Get over it.

    The number one feature of a cult is, you cannot quit without worrying about being killed by some other cult member.

    That is Islam to a T.

    What does Islam do? Its theology incites the most devout to kill in the name of its God called Allah.

    That makes is a killing cult.

    Read the news. Prove me wrong.

    Here is a link to my article “Five Reasons Why Islam is a Cult”.

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    A phobia is an irrational fear of something. Since not all Muslims are terrorists,killing each other and anyone else that doesn’t agree with them exactly,I don’t see fear of Islam to be Islamophobia,but, common sense.

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    I am always asking these people to simply point out this islamophobia. Show me. That usually shuts them up.

  • I don’t think riligeons should be attacked, either.

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    who is mohmd?

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      One of the 99 unauthorised spellings of “Mohammed”.


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        I’ve got a hundredth in mind.

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    I’d like to behead the little shit with the sign.