ISIS recruiting migrant ‘army of the poor’ with $1,000 sign-up bonuses

The Islamic State is building an “army of the poor” in its new haven in Libya by recruiting footsoldiers from Africa’s poorest nations, Libyan intelligence chiefs say.

The terror group’s Libyan chapter is swelling its ranks by offering cash bounties of up to $1,000 to people from impoverished neighbouring countries such as Chad, Mali and Sudan. In countries where many earn barely $1 a day, even a few hundred dollars is the equivalent of a year’s salary.

ISIS Precision Dance Team

ISIS Precision Dance Team

  • ismiselemeas

    Excellent. Fewer migrants and a bigger target.

  • Gary

    Oh come on ….Obama said that ISIS was a JV team of losers that are not a threat .

    • Minicapt

      He was referring to their National Basketball Team.


  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s like Finland’s basic living payment to everyone.