Austria wants to PAY migrants hundreds to LEAVE in desperate bid to ease crisis

AUSTRIA plans to pay migrants £380 each to go back to their homeland in a desperate bid to ease the deepening crisis.

The country’s government hopes the last-ditch tactic will help encourage a staggering 50,000 migrants to leave the country by 2019.

According to officials in Vienna, the full sum will only be paid if the migrant decides to leave quickly before the government rules on their asylum case.

  • luna

    This will only encourage day trips to Austria.

    Just cut off all welfare benefits to invaders, and begin fining, imprisoning, deporting, or shooting them on site. Things will work themselves out naturally and there will be no invaders in Austria (expect possibly in detention centers).

  • Hard Little Machine

    A smart terrorist freeloader would take the money then stay and declare they are refugees again.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    Schnitzel restaurants must at least be safe havens to escape the muzzies in any Austrian city or town. 🙂

  • The E.U. needs to disband. Not because its existence as a “free trade” bloc was so bad — its economic union. But because its political union under a Parliament that is not elected by citizens of any of the countries it pretends to represent, and which violates the sovereignty of member countries, was a very bad fascistic idea.

    • The European parliament is elected – it is the Commission which is not, and they are the people with executive powers.

  • This is a good measure. Pay them to go away (it is a lot cheaper than letting them stay). Just make sure they don’t come back for more.

    • Physics grad

      Only pay them with a nine mm round to the cranium.

      you should never try to buy off a muslim invader, it is only a sign of weakness to be taken further advantage of

    • V10_Rob

      It’s far cheaper than perpetual welfare handouts and other accommodations, and it gets them out of the country so they’re not poisoning Austrian society.

      It could work very well, assuming they can eliminate double dippers (fingerprints and photos of all takers seems the simplest and most effective), and can lockdown the borders to prevent new cases of people making the trip just for this payout.

      Still, the whole thing smacks of Danegeld.

      • DavidinNorthBurnaby

        And paying Danegeld (or jizya) only brings one thing: more trouble.

  • P_F

    They can get rid of them for as low as 60 cents, the cost of 230 gr of lead driven by 5.5 gr of Hodgdon Universal.

  • Physics grad

    Shallow pits and machine guns work better with invaders

    • SMC_BC

      I bet you learned that trick from ISIS. 😉

    • Minicapt

      Trenches and sabres are more traditionally Mohammedan.


  • canminuteman

    Fences and machine guns also work.

  • Everyone Else

    two years ago europe was pissing on israel for paying its migrants to leave