‘An alternative exists’: the US citizens who vowed to flee to Canada – and did

It happens every election cycle: Americans threaten to move if the wrong person gets elected. We asked those who headed north if the grass really was greener

In November 2004, David Drucker and his wife Pam were at home listening to NPR when they heard the news that would change their lives: George W Bush had been re-elected as president of the United States.

In the lead-up to election day, the couple had made a pact: if John Kerry won, they would build their dream house in Vermont; if he lost, they would move to Canada. A year later, they were on their way to Vancouver to start their new lives.

“It’s been a little over a decade now. We have clear eyes about what we did. We have no intention of going back,” Drucker said.

Damn Upper Mexicans!