100 “Refugees” voluntarily return to Iraq after disappointment Belgium did not provide cars, apartments

NB – Google translate from original article appearing in Elsevier

A hundred Iraqi asylum seekers on Monday caught a plane from Brussels to Baghdad. According to the Belgian Secretary of State for Asylum Theo Francken was done on a voluntary basis.

Most of them are single men who became “disenchanted” with “the land of milk and honey,” says Francken. It now appears the applicants found out that ‘Europe is not the Eldorado they had in mind.”

The situation here, according to Francken, who was present at the departure of the total of 109 Iraqis at the Brussels airport Zaventem, was not what the people smugglers painted. “Somewhere to sleep on a cot in a barracks, is not what they expected (…) and they paid a lot of money.”

One of them says anonymous for the camera of VRT that they “would rather die in Iraq than to remain in Belgium. The food was bad, and also sleeping in a tent they did not like. “They think if they come here they get 3,000 euros net, a car, an apartment,” says Francken.