10 Questions That Will Be Answered by Tonight’s Iowa Caucuses

Good, I need a cheat sheet.

  • Dana Garcia

    My question: how many Iowa voters are so stupid as to forget Mario Rubio’s villainy in leading the evil Gang of Eight amnesty scheme? He got a huge amount of publicity as the freshman Republican Senator for these efforts that put him on the map, which I’m sure was the idea. His ambition is relentless.


    • Hard to say. I am confused about the percentage of the US electorate even considering Hillary.

    • Hard Little Machine

      I doubt illegal immigration is a significant issue IN Iowa.

      • Dana Garcia

        Actually, Storm Lake Iowa was an example of cheap-labor immigration run amok in Roy Beck’s 1996 book, The Case Against Immigration. The town’s meatpacking plant brought in hundreds of foreign workers to replace citizens. I remember the case from numerous media accounts at the time.

        Chapter 1 w Storm Lake story:


        The unrequested changes to life in Storm Lake followed patterns similar to those in many new-immigration cities. Overnight, Storm Lake schools were dealing with the cultural ramifications of a student body that now is one-fifth immigrant (predominantly Laotian and Mexican) and with the challenges of teaching in different languages. New facilities have been needed to handle the growing population of high-fertility foreign families with their low incomes and low tax payments. Some Storm Lake residents have lost their jobs to immigrants; more have seen their wages depressed because of the loosening of the labor market and the immigrants’ lower expectations.

  • One thing is sure – the US election this year will determine the fate of the whole world for decades if not centuries to come. If a Dem is elected, goodbye Western civilization, brace yourself for Muslim hell.

    • Lets hope for the best.

      • DonaldDouglas

        I’m not mincing words, but if it’s not Donald Trump winning tonight, it’s going to be a long slog. We need Trump if we’re going to have any chance of beating back the Islamist threat. Rubio would be good, but I don’t even know about Cruz at this point. He flips on a lot of stuff, including illegal alien amnesty, on which Megyn Kelly hammered him during the debate last week. Trump needs to win because he frankly needs to massage his ego, so I just hope the polls have been right and the voters turn out, so the Trump Train’s not derailed. Sure, he looks strong in New Hampshire and beyond, but a win tonight for Trump would really put Cruz on a downward pitch. And some have said that if Trump even loses one of the early votes he’d lose is moxie and start to withdraw. I hope that’s wrong, no matter what happens in Iowa. We need a non-PC fighter on all fronts, and that’s why I like Trump. That’s the stakes from my angle.

        Thanks Blazing.

        • Minicapt

          The problem is Mr Trump tends to discover problems but cannot suggest solutions; or he is given solutions by others without recognising their providence.
          As for Sen Cruz, Ms Kelly did hammer him on the topic, but her information was, shall we say, not quite correct.


  • Hard Little Machine

    Even in the most hotly contested years, turnout in Iowa is in the 19-22% range. Which is less than half of the turnout in the general election and these are the people we’re lead to believe are the True Believers.

    The media loves this stuff almost as much as John Kerry and/or Chris Cuomo love going to Paris. But it’s fundamentally meaningless except to the news cycle. The only practical point it serves is to kick out the lesser funded candidates which no one took seriously in the first place.

  • mauser 98

    vote fraud will be the big story in 2016
    some Philadelphia precincts cast 100% votes for Barry.. Ohio was very shady

    • Alain

      Sounds like 2015 in Canada.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Yeah, except that since the election, my wife and I have attended numerous parties and social events. These have provided us with opportunities to be astounded by how many Canadians are genuinely stupid and sing Shiny Pony’s praises. At one event, I seriously thought I was hearing sarcasm. I interrupted the high school principal who was holding forth and interjected: “Is this commitment to stupidity part of your employment contract or a feature of your career?” My comment was met with DEAD silence, and I suddenly realized my foot was deeply ensconced in my throat.

        Being conservative and having a sense of humour can sometimes be dangerous.

        • Alain

          Oh, I know well there were plenty of low or no information voters who were solely motivated by the HDS, but I also know of cases of blatant voter fraud, which is why I have to ask if it were not for the voter fraud would the Liberals have won, and especially a majority.