What to Do About the Bane of Inequality, A First Step

Are you worried about inequality? I am not. You are not supposed to say it, but inequality is an important motor of progress, as James Piereson has shown in The Inequality Hoax. But if the thought of inequality keeps you up at night, you should get behind Glenn Reynolds’ suggestion that we abolish the Ivy League. Really, is there a greater engine for the perpetuation of inequality than those bastions of wealth and (mostly white) privilege?

  • Dana Garcia

    The loss of the middle class is concerning. There used to be a blue-collar middle class, but that’s mostly gone, because of outsourcing, immigration and automation.


    It’s funny how leftists want us all to be equal or something and lose track of the fact that smarter, more energetic people will be more successful.

    Even so, average citizens should be able to live fulfilling lives now and in the future.

  • About 45 years ago I knew an older “carpenter”. I asked him what portion of the house he built. He said he started by digging the foundation and finished by giving the key to the buyer.

    This “carpenter” could afford a nice home in a nice residential community.

    With over regulation it now takes dozens of “specialists” and dozens of government inspectors to do the same thing that one “carpenter” did.

    And now hardly any “carpenters” can afford a nice home in a nice residential community.

    You get what you pay for. We presently get government, not housing.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      We have a safety officer at work.
      He’s a hammer looking for a nail trying to justify his job.
      In a previous job we had to have a workplace safety and health committee as mandated by the government.
      In addition to replacing common sense it was used primarily as a vehicle for warring department managers to bludgeon each other with supposed safety transgressions.
      Totally counterproductive.

  • Tom Forsythe

    It is all about body image.